#GiveForAsha Holiday Giving Guide 2023

View the Asha for Education 2023 Holiday Giving Catalog with clickable links (mobile-friendly)

Provide books & edu supplies

Donate $25

towards books & educational materials for 1 child/year1

Provide mid-day meals & nutrition
Donate $25

to provide mid-day meals & nutrition for 1 child for one month2

Support projects’ staff
Donate $25

to support 2 weeks of a project staff member’s salary3

Fund school uniforms

Donate $30

to fund school uniforms for five migrant children4

Empower the education of girl child
Donate $30

to support the basic education of 1 girl child5
Support teacher salaries
Donate $40

to support 2 weeks of a teacher’s salary6

Support the education of tribal children
Donate $60

to support the education of 1 tribal child for one year7

Non-formal education of children in villages
Donate $60

to support the non-formal education for 1 child/year8

Contribute to life skills education of students
Donate $64

to cover life skills education for 1 child9

Contribute to teachers’ learning materials
Donate $80

to provide learning materials for one teacher annually10

Cover computer training expenses
Donate $125

to cover computer training expenses for one student for one year11

Support special needs children
Donate $160

to support 1 special needs child for three months12

Support pre-primary education
Donate $200

to support the pre-primary education of 1 child for one year13

Support a child at a children’s home
Donate $500

to support 1 child at a children’s home for a year14

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