Sahityaratna Lokshahir Annabhau Sathe Bahuudeshiya Samajik Sanstha - SAKHI

Project Brief: Sakhi provides slum girls with resources to improve their literacy and numeracy skills and builds social confidence for girls in professional settings.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: children from slums

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Berkeley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Tanvi Yalamanchili
Project Partner(s): Aarti Naik
Other Contacts: Diya Doshi
Project Address: , Aamrapali Co-operative Housing Society,Khare Chawl, Gautam Nagar, Dumping Road,Mumbai,
Tel: 9221007606
Stewarding Chapter: Berkeley
Mar 2023BerkeleyUSD 6478
Jun 2022BerkeleyUSD 8019
Aug 2020BerkeleyUSD 4058
Sep 2019BerkeleyUSD 8702
Dec 2018BerkeleyUSD 5717

Total = $32974

Aarti Naik created Sakhi to inspire, guide, and support young girls in the slums of Mumbai, India. Her program aims to provide a safe space for girls to learn and grow emotionally. Because the education of male children is usually favored in areas where the family budget is limited and many schools fail to support the learning of female children, girls grow up to be less educated and lack basic literacy and numeracy skills. By enabling these girls with education and basic skills, Sakhi for Girl’s Education improves the confidence of hundreds of girls and helps them to build their vocabulary and learn to read and write. Sakhi teaches basic literacy skills in a fun and supportive way to encourage learning and make it interesting for the young girls. The program also educates these girls about their rights and helps them to make friends, building their confidence and inspiring them to become leaders. Furthermore, Sakhi helps girls build basic skills including computer literacy and setting aside money for the future. Inspired by her own experience struggling with basic skills in 10th grade, Aarti is working to ensure that other girls growing up where she did get the education they need to succeed.
SAKHI’s mission is to create quality learning spaces at the community level, so that every girl in the slums of Mumbai, India, will get an opportunity to continue her education with confidence.
The purpose of Sakhi is to create safe and quality learning spaces for slum girls in their own area. Since 2008, Sakhi has been leading educational capacity-building classes for slum girls in 1st through 8th standard (grade). The main objective is to focus on literacy and numeracy competence plus building life skills, providing them an opportunity to express their views and to help solve their academic and personal problems. The hope is that every slum girl will able to continue her studies with confidence and receive quality education.