Rural Development Trust

Project Brief: RDT runs a school for the children of migrant Andhra workers in Tamil Nadu.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: children from slums

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Madan Appiah
Project Partner(s): T. K. Elumalai
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Periya paalayathu amman Kovil street,Old mamallapuram road, Thandalam village,Thirupporur,
TAMIL NADU  603110
Tel: 011-91-9442531003
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Feb 2024SeattleUSD 1293
Jun 2023SeattleUSD 35210
Sep 2022SeattleUSD 36533
Oct 2021SeattleUSD 42189
Jun 2021SeattleUSD 5144
May 2020SeattleUSD 34579
Apr 2020SeattleUSD 2623
Nov 2019SeattleUSD 3918
Nov 2019SeattleUSD 15203
Jun 2019SeattleUSD 22080
Nov 2018SeattleUSD 15422
Nov 2017SeattleUSD 42795
Sep 2017SeattleUSD 40054
Nov 2016SeattleUSD 11374
Apr 2016SeattleUSD 23021
Mar 2015SeattleUSD 24389
Mar 2014SeattleUSD 24024
Aug 2013SeattleUSD 21804
Dec 2012SeattleUSD 25275
Jul 2012SeattleUSD 25150
Nov 2011SeattleUSD 25600
Aug 2011SeattleUSD 30800
Feb 2011SeattleUSD 27850
Feb 2011SeattleUSD 0
Oct 2010SeattleUSD 28200
Mar 2010SeattleUSD 27400
Oct 2009SeattleUSD 27185
Dec 2008SeattleUSD 25001
Jul 2008SeattleUSD 29085
Apr 2008SeattleUSD 16300
Feb 2008SeattleUSD 15000
Sep 2007SeattleUSD 30600
Dec 2005SeattleUSD 7400

Total = $742501

This migrant children school project started with Asha Seattle's support in June 2005. Thousands of migrant Andhra workers from rural areas are currently living in the IT corridor area in Chennai,Tamil Nadu. Many of these workers were engaged in traditional vocations in their native villages. The non-viability of traditional vocations such and farming and fishing has drove them to work in the booming construction industry of the IT corridor.The government schools of Tamil Nadu will not accept these children into their schools as they cannot speak Tamil.

Asha Seattle currently supports salaries of 23 staff which incldues 13 telugu teachers, 3 tamil teachers , 1 oriya teacher, 2 program coordinator and 3 cooks. They provide afternoon meals , learning materials and uniforms for very needy children. They ensure that the children are getting the proper health care facilities from the government primary health care centers. Health camps are organized on a regular basis as well.

Overall they take care of the needs of the migrant community in the area. They have helped bonded laborer and taken care of children who have undergone sexual abuse.

Over the last 2 years RDT has been lobbying with local education officers and government schools to get support to run the school. In 2007 they were able to get local support which included land and building space to run all the schools. In 2008 they received support from the government through the Integrated Child Development Scheme for running the Anganawadis. The government has also promised them a grant to run the migrant schools in 2009.

SSA government official visit the schools regularly to evaluate the schools.
*The school aims to wean children away from construction labor jobs and juvenile delinquency by providing them with formal education opportunities. To this end, it serves as a bridge school, enabling children to study through classes 1-8. Schools are currently being run in eight villages where there is a large migrant population.

*RDT aims to continuously educate the migrant community on their rights

*Promote child rights and prevent sexual abuse of the migrant population

*Work with primary health care centres to provide proper health care facilities to the migrant population.
Rural development Trust ( RDT) was constituted on 10.01.1992 as a public charitable Trust with office at No 38, Old Mahabalipuram Road, Thiruporur, Kanchipuram Dist., Tamilnadu 603110. The Trust deed named three trustees to manage the affairs of the trust. The Trust was registered on 10.02.1992 in the office of the Joint Sub Registrar, Adyar, with registration number 130/ 1992.

In the past, RDT has worked for the emancipation of women, dalits and Irular tribes. The group is currently running a school for the children of migrant Andhra workers in Tamil Nadu. For more information about RDT and its activities, please consult the documents on this webpage.
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