Baikunthapur Tarun Sangha

Project Brief: The Patha Bhavan project, named a 'Basketful of Learning', aims at providing a enjoyable atmosphere to the children in the region.
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: health and cleanliness

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Cornell
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Akila Venkataramany
Project Partner(s): Susanta Giri
Other Contacts: Totini Chatterjee
Project Address: , Village PO - Baikunthapur via Raidighi,kultali block,kultali block,
Tel: 91-033-2427-7860
Stewarding Chapter: Cornell

Asha Stars, if any:

Anirban Hazra

Maya Yajnik

Sanjib Dutta

Dec 2019CornellUSD 14433
Nov 2019San FranciscoUSD 6528
Aug 2019CornellUSD 6947
Dec 2018CornellUSD 6958
Oct 2017CornellUSD 7055
Dec 2016CornellUSD 2555
Oct 2016San FranciscoUSD 2966
Jun 2016CornellUSD 7012
Mar 2016CornellUSD 7136
Oct 2015CornellUSD 7811
Aug 2014CornellUSD 7001
Sep 2013CornellUSD 6415
Jun 2012DCUSD 8000
May 2012CornellUSD 4000
Mar 2012CornellUSD 9841
Feb 2012AtlantaUSD 500
Sep 2011DCUSD 4500
Apr 2011CornellUSD 4000
May 2010DCUSD 6000
May 2010CornellUSD 5500
Jan 2010DCUSD 3000
Oct 2009CornellUSD 5200
Jul 2009DCUSD 3000
Apr 2009DCUSD 4000
Oct 2008DCUSD 3000
Sep 2008Work an HourUSD 3954
Jun 2008DCUSD 3000
Mar 2008Work an HourUSD 3954
Jan 2008DCUSD 4000
Nov 2007CornellUSD 2500
May 2007DCUSD 4000
Feb 2007DCUSD 4000
Jan 2007CornellUSD 2000
Dec 2007CornellUSD 4000
Dec 2006St. LouisUSD 2200
Dec 2006St. LouisUSD 6000
Dec 2006CornellUSD 4000
Oct 2005Work an HourUSD 37778
May 2005CornellUSD 1000
Dec 2005CornellUSD 1000
Dec 2004CornellUSD 3000
Dec 2004BerkeleyUSD 2000
Feb 2003St. LouisUSD 2800
Feb 2003BerkeleyUSD 2000
Dec 2003CornellUSD 1500
Oct 2002CornellUSD 4200
Aug 2002BerkeleyUSD 1800
Dec 2001SeattleUSD 13700

Total = $257744

The BTS Patha Bhavan was formed in 1983 with support from a Lutheran World Service. The school has recently adopted a curriculum that aims to inspire in the children a creative and scientific temperament. The morning session consists of regular schooling and the afternoon session consists of the children being involved in activities like clay modeling, dance and drama, fishery, embroidery, or informal classes on mathematics and botany. Each child is free to choose his/her activity based on interest. The school has a voluntary fee of Rs 5 per month. Currently there are 208 children (132 boys and 76 girls) in the school. There are 8 teachers.

Other aspects of the project

One of the significant features of the BTS project is that it has been a multi-pronged developmental project involving various organizations. Currently AID Austin is supporting a healthcare project by BTS which aims at

  • Establishing a health clinic which provides basic curative and preventive services.
  • Establish a mobile boat to provide emergency care to transfer patients to the public hospitals at 60% of the current cost, which is as high as Rs 800.
  • Establish sustenance of the project without external aid.

    Other aspects about the health care project can be found at the following website: Asha volunteers are also coordinating with AID and BTS to ensure efficient implementation of this project.

    Recently BTS has also received a shipment of used computers from FOYM, a group based in Rice University ( The details of the shipment are not available to us yet.

  • To enroll every child of each of the six island village into such school of joyful learning.
  • To reduce and finally eliminate the school dropouts by trying to provide an alternative to the drudgery and poor staffing and accommodation of the Govt Schools.
  • To save children from being trapped as labor in the trades of prawn collection, forest produce collection and agriculture.


  • Proposal received by Berkeley, 2000 for building school and other expenses.
  • Proposal forwarded to Seattle. Total funding was $13,700 (about RS. 6,40,000). Recurring part was RS 3,02,528.
  • Check was send in Aug-Sept 2001. So the recurring money from that funding covers them till Aug-Sept 2002.
    After this Susanta Giri proposed three new projects including Children's resource center. These proposals are available in the yahoogroups files section. None of these projects were championed by anybody.
  • Site visits conducted by Sanjib in Dec 2001 and Anirban Hazra in July 2001.
  • Need arises for more money for filling in construction deficit. Berkeley funds $1200 and Cornell funds $1800. Check sent in Aug 2002.
  • Funding proposal for second year received in Aug 2002.
    Project submitted for General funds. Later pulled out at it does not correspond to any of project-types intended for General funds.
  • September 2002 : Asha stars are identified. Anirban Hazra, Sanjiv Dutta, Maya Yajnik and Anirban Dasgupta are the Asha Stars for this project.
  • September 2002 : Project presented at St-Louis, Cornell
  • Nov 2002 : Cornell allocates $3000. Check sent in December.
  • Site visit by Anirban Dasgupta and Sharmistha Majumdar.
  • 2003 : St-Louis approves $2800. Check sent in April.
  • 2003 : Berkeley approves $2000. Check sent in May.
The Baikanthapur Tarun Sangha came in existence in 1982. Their initiation to social work happened during the 1982 floods in the Sunderban area. The current project is based in Kultali block of the Sunderban area. The six villages involved in the project are the following:
Baikanthapur North and South
In addition to other activities, BTS runs a school in Baikunthapur.
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