Voluntary Association For Rural Upliftment and Networking - VARUN

Project Brief: Voluntary Association For Rural Upliftment and Networking (VARUN) has been involved in the all round development of Chandauli district for the last two years
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: remedial education (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Suhas Satheesh
Project Partner(s): Dr SP Singh
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , H. No. 100 , Village and Post,Sushuwahi ,Karmnavir,
Tel: 0542 318574
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Jun 2024Silicon ValleyUSD 14814
Mar 2024Silicon ValleyUSD 14648
Sep 2023Silicon ValleyUSD 24293
Aug 2023Silicon ValleyUSD 13856
Jun 2023Silicon ValleyUSD 14012
Jan 2023Silicon ValleyUSD 20202
Nov 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 12508
Sep 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 2365
Apr 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 27812
Sep 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 12679
Jun 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 12501
Jun 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 2408
Dec 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 4754
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Nov 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 11273
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Oct 2006Silicon ValleyUSD 2865
Aug 2006Silicon ValleyUSD 980
Jun 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 1802
May 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 1365
Jul 2003Silicon ValleyUSD 980

Total = $370215

Ever since Independence the district of Chandoli has seen very little progress. Historically it has been a part of UP sometimes, Bihar sometimes. It has been a part of Varanasi district, Mirzapur district as well as Sonbhadra district. Perhaps because of this confusion this part of the country has really been neglected. The villages in this dristrict lack basic aminities such as roads, electricity, hospitals, transportation etc.
ValueTree Association for Rural Upliftment and Networking was formed to improve the living starndards of people living in these villages.
VARUN's aim
1. To increase the level of literacy and intellectual development of the children in the targeted area.
2. To give technical instruction to increase skill level
3. To provide technical tools so that the local population can join the main stream society
Voluntary Association For Rural Upliftment and Networking (VARUN) has been involved in the all round development of Chandauli district for the last two years. In the process VARUN has promoted organic farming by setting up compost tanks, distributed organic fertilizer, set up by seed banks and distributed new and better varities of seed.
Simlarly in the area of health VARUN, for the first time in this area,ran programs for polio vaccination. It has also facilitated govt. health programs to reach the interiors villages. A team of doctors from Varanasi also ran health camps twice last 2 years. In March 2002, with the help of UPVHA ran a health awareness and training program for 5 days.

VARUN runs two schools, one in village Lehra and the other in village Shahpur. Both villages are in Naugarg block of Chandoli district.
The people of this area are mostly dependent on farming for their livelihood. They also raise and keep animals such as cows and sheep. They farm for about 8-9 months of the year, rest of the year they are depend on the neighbouring jungle to provide them with food, wild fruits and hunting.

The literacy levels of both the villages are very poor. Lehra village has two adults who have studied upto class 8 and class 10 respectively. Shahpur has one adult who studied upto class 10. about 40 families in Lehra and about 67 families in Shahpur.

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