Ashraya - Kerala

Project Brief: Ashraya is a home for the residential rehabilitation of mentally and physically challenged girl children hailing from economically broken families.
Project Type: Special Needs (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: San Diego
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Jyotsna Gidugu
Project Partner(s): Venugopalan R
Other Contacts:
KERALA  691004
Tel: 91 9446315656
Stewarding Chapter: San Diego
Sep 2023San DiegoUSD 15969
Sep 2022San DiegoUSD 16145
Oct 2021San DiegoUSD 17788
Oct 2020San DiegoUSD 20003
Nov 2019San DiegoUSD 14997
Apr 2019San DiegoUSD 7168
Apr 2016San DiegoUSD 10177
Sep 2014San DiegoUSD 10085
Jun 2013San DiegoUSD 4950
Feb 2012AtlantaUSD 1001
Nov 2009Work an HourUSD 10000
Nov 2009Work an HourGBP 759
Nov 2009San DiegoUSD 4000
Sep 2009CentralNJUSD 9188
Sep 2008CentralNJUSD 10465
Jun 2007CentralNJUSD 10000
Jul 2006CentralNJUSD 9000
Jan 2006CentralNJUSD 4500
Dec 2006PurdueUSD 2600
Aug 2005CentralNJUSD 7000

Total = $186238.36226

Ashraya focuses in developing mentally and physically challenged girl children over the years with an ultimate vision that they would be capable enough to work as teachers in rehabilitation centers for the future generation of challenged children in their villages.

Ashraya in its initial project submission had requested for funds to build an extension to the existing infrastructure for use as a class room for its challenged daughters during the day session and as a retiring room during night. Four toilets and three bathrooms will be included as part this construction. The overall area comes to around 2000 sq. ft. The existing facility was designed to cater to 15 children, and Ashraya already has 24 inmates.
The main objectives of Ashraya are:
1. Providing residential rehabilitation to Mentally & Physically challenged girl children stricken with Poilo, Cerebral Palsy or Mental Retardation, and to develop them to a level of independence by which they could lead a life comparable to that of a normal child.
2. To take over the responsibilities of a challenged girl child by which the unfortunate mother would be free from the burden and enable her to go out and earn a living for the family.
3. Provide employment to physically handicapped female graduates and post-graduates as teachers. Ashraya by policy, provides employment only to handicapped female graduates as teachers.
Only 10 Percent out of 2 lakhs of challenged children in Kerala get some form of institutional care and a vast majority of them are left to fend for themselves. The deplorable condition of these children, particularly that of the female challenged child, and the helpless situation of the parents acted as an inspiration and motivation to launch a project like this in June 2000, to provide succor and solace to these hapless ones. Ashraya currently has 24 inmates.
Ashraya employs a mix of formal and creative-informal teaching/training methods designed for their over all development with special emphasis on behavior modification and imparting training to be self reliant and independent. Physically challenged children are imparted regular teaching. Physiotherapy and aerobic exercises, clay modeling and needle work for developing gross and fine motor control are part of the training. In addition, Ashraya provides the mentally challenged children, a unique approach utilizing sound vibrations arising out of group chanting of ancient vedic hymns and regular recitation of Indian classical music. Ashraya daughters have responded very well to the training and measurable progress is observed.

NOTE: Ashraya has developed greeting cards made out of pictures drawn and painted by its daughters. When you purchase an Ashraya greeting card, the money that you give will go to Ashraya and other projects that we have involving challenged children. Please email for information.
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