COVID-19 Relief Fundraiser – Second Wave 2021

In India, the second wave of COVID-19 hit beginning in February of 2021 (source).

(May 2021) The rise in case numbers has been exponential, with India recording nearly 90,000 new cases everyday at the peak. The number of daily deaths is about 4,000. Rural and semi-urban areas, generally ill-equipped with facilities such as ICUs and supplemental oxygen support, have been reeling with high infection numbers. Oxygen shortages plagued even urban India in April 2021.

Asha for Education projects have stepped up for their communities at this critical time, using the following 6-step plan to provide health and relief support for the 2nd wave:
1. Hygiene and awareness: Distribute masks and sanitisers door-to-door via volunteers, and also raise awareness about renewing social distancing and safe hygiene practices.
2. Vaccination: Encourage and help people register to receive vaccines.
3. Early diagnosis: Volunteers equipped with oximeters and thermometers are going door-to-door to monitor general health conditions.
4. Livelihood support: The first stage of the COVID-19 lockdowns saw heavy losses in families of daily wage earners who were left penniless. Moreover, COVID sufferers are often unable to procure essentials due to taboos. Projects are providing support, from dry rations to cash support to families to cover travel expenses for medical processes.
5. Home remedies: Door-to-door volunteers, under the guidance of local medical professionals, are providing medicines to families.
6. Bridge medical support: Certain projects are setting up care centers equipped with oxygen support for critically ill patients in remote or rural areas where such facilities are not available. These centers provide supplemental care and ensure survival until a hospital bed can be secured and transport arranged for.

disbursed (out of $220K approved) for providing dry ration, medical equipment including oxygen cylinders and concentrators, medicines, hygiene and sanitation support to families in dire need.
FAmilies benefitted directly

Relief efforts from our project partners

Sunderbans, WB

Covid care village units that provide health education, prevention awareness, health support at the center and at home working as a bridge between hospital admission. Oxygen concentrators and other equipment were funded.


MUKTI's mission is to implement programs for upliftment of the people of mainly the Sunderban region by way of motivation, human resources development and implementation of environmentally sound policies.

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Jodhpur, Rajasthan

Cash grants to affected families in rural areas to cover food, drinking water, medical expenses, and hygiene products.

Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti

GRAVIS organizes rural reconstruction projects that encourage self empowerment. The organization works on various issues including water security, health and gender equality. GRAVIS currently works in 850 rural communities throughout five districts of Western Rajasthan.

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Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh

3 ply masks, medicines and hygiene equipments distributed to families of migrant workers, daily labourers, and slum dwellers. Volunteers monitoring health via door to door visits.

Vijay Foundation Trust

Runs Aarti Home, a center for abandoned or rescued girl children. Nearly 300 children supported till they finish their education and obtain jobs.

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Ration support and medical equipment provided to 10 centers of children's home supporting 450 children.

Adruta Children's Home

Adruta Children's Home is a center for abandoned children in 10 centers across the state of Orissa. Their mission is educating, nurturing and developing the destitute child by providing balanced nutrition, quality education and all-round development in a healthy, safe and loving environment.

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Thirupporur, Tamil Nadu

Relief, preventative, and curative activities, including survey of patients, opening of 10 village health care centers, awareness campaigns, dry ration support, and support primary health care centers in Kelambakkam,
Manampathi,Sembakkam, and Sirunkundram.

Rural Development Trust

Supports children of migrant workers, aims to wean children away from construction labor jobs and juvenile delinquency by providing them with formal education opportunities.

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Perambalur, Tamil Nadu

Asha is providing funds for house-to-house provision of PPE, pulse oximeters, preventative health education, and nutritional supplemental support to families and children in mini-schools.

Payir Trust

Their goal is to provide holistic, creative and value based education to rural children through non-formal methods. The primary effort of this program is to improve the performance of the existing schools in and around Thenur.

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Pabal, Maharashtra

Oxygen concentrator sourced for local community. Project partners are working towards replicating it using open source design and locally available components.

Vigyan Ashram

Vigyan Ashram is continuously engaged in developing , adapting and disseminating new technologies useful to rural community.

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Damoh, Madhya Pradesh

Vulnerable communities in rural areas, such as tribal, dalit, backward classes as well as general public who are economically disadvantaged will be provided with: health checkups, medical kit for Covid positive patients, and oxygen concentrator.

Gramin Vikas Trust

GVS' goal is to provide care and protection to missing children, abused children, runway children, children in disaster situations, trafficked children, children at work, all children in need of care and protection.

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Mumbai, Maharashtra

2000 students from 46 most vulnerable neighbourhoods will be provided masks, sanitisers, hand washes, nutritional supplements.

Avehi Abacus

The aim of the AVEHI ABACUS PROJECT is improving and strengthening the public education system so as to reach out to the marginalized sections of society and to impact mainstream policy on education.

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Jaipur, Rajasthan

Oxygen concentrators provided to health care centers serving 250+ families. Masks, sanitisers, oximeters, and nutritional supplements provided as well.

KIGS - Brick Lane Project

KIGS Brick Lane Project is working with the migrant worker community to help provide education to their children in the Chaksu Area, Jaipur. There are close to 900 children of the kiln workers ranging from 4 to 10 years along with ~1000 adults.

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Patna, Bihar

Primary treatment for mild covid patients with nutritional food items, necessary medicines and oxygen concentrators to patients including tele-guidance with COVID-19 related guidance.

Diksha Foundation

Diksha's goal is creating vibrant, violence-free learning spaces for children and youth coming from vulnerable backgrounds - helping them realize their potential.

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Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh

Basic supplies are being provided for Covid-19 infected families for 3 weeks. Masks and sanitisers are being distributed, along with dissemination of knowledge about hygiene and safety measures.

Timbaktu Collective

Timbaktu Collective is a rural development organization working on issues of rural development through Eco-restoration, Child rights, Youth development, Disability rights, Alternative banking with women, Organic farming and producer owned business enterprise development.

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Nagarkooda, Tamil Nadu

Dry rations are being provided for a 100 families of villagers and migrant workers. An oxygen concentrator has also been procured for the primary health center in the area.

Puvidham Rural Development Trust

The goal of Puvidham Trust is providing primary school education to children of migrant workers, and providing hostel facilities to as many children as possible.

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New Delhi

300+ families of children with disabilities, and homeless people with disabilities, have been given ration kits, comprising 10 kg flour,
5 kg rice, 2 ltr oil, 2 kg pulses, soap, salt, sugar, and spices.


ASTHA is a non government community based, cross disability organization that has been working in urban slum and resettlement communities with children and persons with disabilities and their families with the aims of ensuring the inclusion and rights of children and persons with disabilities in all areas of development for 27 years in the Delhi NCR region and surrounding states.

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Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Masks, sanitisers and hygiene products have been distributed, along with dry rations. Volunteers have conducted awareness drives and are also carrying out preliminary testing using thermal scanners, thermometers, and oximeters.

Asha Trust - Rajatalab

The organisation provides primary education in 2 main centers and non-formal education in about 10 centers including 6 kishori kendras and more than 30 self help groups in eastern Uttar Pradesh. The organization also runs vocational training centers and supports various social causes.

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Baruipur, West Bengal

Oxygen concentrators procured for 2 health centers serving about 4000 families. Masks, sanitisers, and equipment for preliminary testing have been funded, and also medicines.


Nishtha works for empowerment and upliftment of women and girls, and runs awareness programs to counter the evils of child marriage, trafficking, and domestic abuse. They provide direct education support to 200 children.

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Mukti, who work in Sunderbans, have purchased 100 oxygen concentrators, with Asha’s help and others’. They are creating COVID care units in remote areas, each equipped with 2 oxygen concentrators, pulse oximeter, and medical kits for distribution), as well as providing food to Covid-19 infected families while they are restricted at home.


Manasa is an Institute of Child Health and Disability Studies in Hyderabad. They have been providing health and rehab services for the needy for over the past 30 years with adequate number of staff and own infrastructure, now contributing its part in the Covid relief operations to the under privileged. Their objective is:

1. Providing dry ration for those whose livelihoods re affected due to Covid 2nd wave for at least two weeks.
2. Distributing protective gear such as facemasks & sanitizers for those it is a challenge to afford them.
3. Spreading awareness on the use of Oxygen concentrators.
4. Providing support of Oxygen concentrators for sufferers with Covid Positive.

Samagra Seva:

Samagra Seva works with the Musahar community in Chandoli in Up/Bihar. The community is seeing high rates of infection (1 in 3 families), and hunger and poverty has left them in a terrible situation.
Samagra Seva intend to undertake welfare measures to address food security along with cleanliness and awareness among the villagers on prevention of COVID-19 and other infections. Therefore, every
family have been provided with one kit with essential food items and another kit with items to
maintain cleanliness.


Kalyania work to provide health care to elders who cannot afford it, and are also involved in the upliftment and empowerment of slum and ghetto communities around Kalyani in West Bengal.

They have organized several camps for Covid 19 and distributed masks, sanitizers, face shields and
awareness pamphlets.
Kalyania have introduced a community kitchen from where they are distributing 50 packets of
free cooked hygienic food for home isolated covid 19 patients. They plan to run it at least for two
months. They have made a plan to combat oxygen need of their Old Age Home COPD & heart patients through
Oxygen Concentrators. Five oxygen cylinders (2 new
cylinders recently procured and 3 previously procured Oxygen cylinders of Kalyania Old Age Home) will
remain available for Covid 19 patients 24X7.

Asha Rajatalab:

Asha Rajatalab is planning COVID-19 second wave relief camp, just as they did it last year,
however, adopting some of the important measures that need to be adopted to tackle this
second wave. The team has planned to cover two blocks (Sevapuri and Araji Lines), encompassing
10 districts. The team will be aided by local Sarpanch as well as doctors, both from government
and private hospitals.

Their main objectives are:
1. Mask wearing and social distancing awareness drive
2. Dry ration kit distribution to migrant workers
3. Converting school into quarantine center
4. Preliminary testing using thermal scanners, thermometers, oximeters
5. Raising awareness about vaccination programme

Diksha Foundation:

● Medicine Kits – Providing basic Covid 19 medicines to affected individuals – medicines include paracetamol, multivitamins and a thermometer
● Dry Ration Kits – Providing relief kits to Covid affected individuals – Each kit includes dry ration for ready consumption.
● Oxygen Supplies – Sourcing oxygen supplies for affected individuals .
● Hospital Beds – Collaborating with different hospitals to share information about availability of beds and facilitate admission of patients
● Tele-Medicine & Telecounselling – Facilitating delivery of prescription medicines and any other requirements. They have also collaborated with some
doctors who are volunteering with regards to medicinal advise based on callers’ symptoms.


Hijli INSPIRATION has focussed on distributing nutrition rich food baskets for children and families of their ‘Bridging the Divide’ Programme run in collaboration with Asha for Education in the Kamarhati and Panihati area of West Bengal. These children come from families who live in deplorable conditions and struggle for two square meals a day. Taking into consideration that malnourished children have been adversely affected by the 2nd wave – Hijli INSPIRATION has taken efforts to ensure that the ‘Bridging the Divide’ students (under 18 yrs) have some support to facilitate immunity building and thereby offer protection against falling prey to the fearful Covid 19.
Each student has been supported with a Nutrition Food Basket comprising
— Horlicks (500 g)
— Sattu (500 g)
— Glucon – D (500 g)
In keeping with the Covid protocol measures, a couple of soap cakes and 30 pieces of surgical masks have been included in the basket. One pack of seven sanitary napkins to all adolescent girls for maintaining hygiene and adopting proper WASH practices have also been distributed.