Timbaktu Collective - Prakruti Badi Project

Project Brief: The objective of the Timbaktu Collective is to make a lasting improvement in the lives of the people of the area.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: dropouts (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: London
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Neha Inwate
Project Partner(s): Bablu Ganguly
Other Contacts: Kumaran Perinpanathan
Project Address: , Timbaktu Collective,CK Palli ,Chennakothapalli Village,
Tel: 918559240335
Stewarding Chapter: London
May 2021LondonUSD 4110
Dec 2017BangaloreUSD 27973
Nov 2016LondonUSD 9602
Dec 2015BangaloreUSD 7639
Nov 2015BangaloreUSD 12570
Mar 2015LondonUSD 9665
Jan 2015BangaloreUSD 6538
Nov 2013BangaloreUSD 5918
Oct 2013BangaloreUSD 662
Sep 2013BangaloreUSD 1617
Feb 2013BangaloreUSD 13525
Dec 2012BangaloreINR 271800
Dec 2012BangaloreINR 88000
Oct 2012BangaloreINR 95800
Aug 2012BangaloreUSD 6554
Jan 2012LondonGBP 10361
Dec 2011BangaloreINR 344400
Sep 2011BangaloreUSD 1604
Jul 2011LondonGBP 740
Jul 2011BangaloreUSD 6667
Mar 2011LondonGBP 9191
Dec 2010ChicagoUSD 10000
Sep 2009LondonGBP 4000
Jan 2009Work an HourGBP 3349
Oct 2008Work an HourUSD 13149
Aug 2008NYC/NJUSD 10507
Mar 2008LondonGBP 4000
Feb 2008Work an HourUSD 13490
Jan 2008LondonGBP 4000
Feb 2007NYC/NJUSD 15000
Dec 2006LondonGBP 4000
Oct 2005LondonGBP 2000
Mar 2005NYC/NJUSD 13500
Feb 2004NYC/NJUSD 3500
Oct 2003LondonGBP 4000
Mar 2003NYC/NJUSD 3716
Oct 2002Work an HourUSD 16447
Jul 2002LondonGBP 4000
Jan 2002NYC/NJUSD 7000
Jan 2001NYC/NJUSD 6100
Jan 2000NYC/NJUSD 4750
Jan 1999NYC/NJUSD 5250
Jan 1998NYC/NJUSD 2500
Jan 1997NYC/NJUSD 2500
Jul 1996NYC/NJUSD 2500
Jan 1996StanfordUSD 1500
Jul 1995StanfordUSD 1500
Jan 1995NYC/NJUSD 1500

Total = $345131.29374

Timbaktu Collective is a rural development organization working in the three mandals - Chennekotha Palli (C.K.Palli), Ramgiri and Roddam of India's second most drought prone district, Ananthapur in Andhra Pradesh. For over 20 years they have been working on issues of rural development through Eco-restoration, Child rights, Youth development, Disability rights, Alternative banking with women, Organic farming and producer owned business enterprise development.

During the course of their work they came across children from difficult family circumstances, orphans and neglected children from poor households. This led to the establishment in 1994 of Prakruti Badi, a residential alternative school, for these children. The school enables them to enjoy childhood and blossom in a free, joyful and open environment of learning amidst nature.

Prakruti Badi provides free food and all round education while catering to the health needs of these 65 children. The children explore the world through the use of all their faculties. Arts and crafts, dance and drama are not considered extra-curricular but are an imperative part of the learning process.

Asha-Bangalore runs a Support A Child program to support the living expense, education, health care, etc of the residential children.

Asha also supports other initiatives of Timbaktu Collective
The objective of the timbaktu collective is to make a lasting improvement in the lives of the farmers. They want to achieve it by improving the awareness among farmers, teaching efficient techniques and improving the quality of education among the next generation.
The economy of the Ananthapur region in Andhra Pradesh, revolves around agriculture. Many of the villages in this region are poor because of the traditionally unreliable rainy season, exacerbated by the degradation of the land as a result of abusive agricultural techniques.
The objective of the timbaktu collective is to make a lasting improvement in the lives of the farmers. They encourage the practice of permaculture- a sustainable and eco-friendly form of agriculture which eschews the use of artificial fertilizers and chemical pesticides. They also help market the products to get fair price for the farmers.

They organize women's sangams under MACTS (Mutually Aided Cooperative Thrift Societies) to deal with problems faced by women and to encourage them to save money.

They run an alternative education program and run a Children's Resource Center in C.K.Palli and a residential school Prakruti Badi.

They work with various deprived sections of the societies like individuals with disabilities through the Militha program.

They also work on Panchayati Raj, formation of youth and children's groups.
Asha London Project Stewards : Asif Shahinsha / Ramakrishna Goud.

Timbaktu runs a Child & Youth Resource Center (CYRC), which is also funded by Asha. The project page for CYRC is here:
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