Rawa Academy of Art Music and Dance - Adruta Childrens Home

Project Brief: Adruta Children's home is based in Orissa and provides for the needs of 430 children, mostly girls, in the age-group of 1-21. The children are in 11 different centers across the state. Asha Seattle is involved with providing support for 96 children.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: girls (description)

Secondary Focus: orphans

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Suvarna SreeGeetha Dandapanthula
Project Partner(s): Professor Aditya Mohanty
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Adruta Children Home,Gadakana, Mancheswar (R.S),Bhubaneswar,
ORISSA  751017
Tel: 0091-94385-53645
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Apr 2024SeattleUSD 51397
Jun 2023SeattleUSD 52254
May 2022SeattleUSD 55267
Oct 2021SeattleUSD 57121
Sep 2021SeattleUSD 4523
Sep 2021SeattleUSD 5218
Dec 2020SeattleUSD 8720
Apr 2020SeattleUSD 2666
Apr 2020SeattleUSD 50947
Nov 2019SeattleUSD 19058
Jun 2019SeattleUSD 46328
Aug 2018SeattleUSD 55500
Nov 2017SeattleUSD 14741
Aug 2017SeattleUSD 61594
Jul 2016SeattleUSD 52767
Jul 2015SeattleUSD 51007
Jun 2014SeattleUSD 45017
Feb 2014SeattleUSD 6000
Nov 2013SeattleUSD 7562
May 2013SeattleUSD 38895
Apr 2013SeattleUSD 2608
Sep 2012SeattleUSD 38470
Jul 2011SeattleUSD 44400
Oct 2010SeattleUSD 44650
Oct 2009SeattleUSD 40285
Oct 2008SeattleUSD 37900
Nov 2007SeattleUSD 47200
Dec 2006SeattleUSD 30000

Total = $972095

Adruta Children's Home is a center for abandoned children in 10 centers across the state of Orissa. Today nearly 450 children, mostly girls, in the age-group of 1-21 call Adruta home. The children live in the home and are sent to local schools for education. Special emphasis is given to extra-curricular activities such as dance, music, meditation, painting, etc.

+ Provide quality in primary and high-school education to the children of the home.
+ Provide balanced diet and adequate healthcare facilities to the children.
+ Identify the native talents and inclinations of the children and nurture their growth into excellence.
+ Facilitate all-round development by training the children in the fields of Art, Music and Dance.
+ Help the children to have a secure foothold in life so that they gain independence & financial security.

Philosophy of the home:
+ Every child is uniquely endowed. If his/her potentiality is identified at the right time and tapped in the right mode there is no reason why he/she cannot grow into an extraordinary personality.
+ Every child deserves develops his/her innate talent.

+ 450 orphan children live in 10 different homes across the state.
+ 10 member advisory board guides the decision making. Besides a Secretary, Superintendent and Public Relations Officer constitute the management of Adruta Home.
+ About 150 people comprise the working staff including watchmen, sweeper, accountant, driver, supervisor, office in-charge and kitchen staff.
Adruta's MIssion Statement: Educating, nurturing and developing the destitute child by providing balanced nutrition, quality education and all-round development in a healthy, safe and loving environment.
Adruta Children Home promoted by Renaissance Artists and Writers Association (RAWA) Academy was established in the year 1992 to rehabilitate the unclaimed, deserted and parentless children in Orissa.
Visit http://adrutahome.org/ for additional details, including background information, picture galleries and facilities inside the home.