Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti

Project Brief: Gramin Vikas Vigyan Samiti (GRAVIS) project will focus on ensuring water security, better healthcare and education
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: health and cleanliness

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sandeep Nain
Project Partner(s): jasmine sandhu
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , GRAVIS, 3/458, 3/437, MM Colony,,Osian,
Tel: 91-291-2785317
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Aug 2023SeattleUSD 33214
Aug 2022SeattleUSD 34724
Oct 2021SeattleUSD 4719
Aug 2021SeattleUSD 36960
Jul 2021SeattleUSD 10144
May 2021SeattleUSD 5187
Jul 2020SeattleUSD 30548
May 2020SeattleUSD 2653
Jun 2019SeattleUSD 32936
Jul 2018SeattleUSD 33686
Sep 2017SeattleUSD 30781
May 2017SeattleUSD 35970
Jun 2016SeattleUSD 3607
Jan 2016SeattleUSD 27116
Feb 2015SeattleUSD 39123
Feb 2014SeattleUSD 5006
Jan 2014SeattleUSD 25246
Dec 2012SeattleUSD 8500
Dec 2011SeattleUSD 1250
Nov 2011SeattleUSD 7500
Nov 2011SeattleUSD 5000
Oct 2010SeattleUSD 10100
Nov 2009SeattleUSD 1100
Nov 2009SeattleUSD 6950
Aug 2008SeattleINR 419000

Total = $441154.2

Water, Health and Education for Women and Children of Thor

GRAVIS, based in Jodhpur (Rajasthan), works to improve the life of villagers in the Thar Desert of Western Rajasthan. To provide the most benefits to these communities, GRAVIS organizes rural reconstruction projects that encourage self empowerment. The organization works on various issues including water security, health and gender equality. GRAVIS currently works in 850 rural communities throughout five districts of Western Rajasthan.

With the funds provided by Asha, GRAVIS has expanded it's influence to include new villages in Jodhpur District. The project has 4 distinct goals: provide initial funding and yearly support for two new schools, build rainwater collection/storage tanks (Taankas), schedule medical camps and facilitate the organization of self help groups to economically empower women.

Some Pictures from the site vist -
Gravis Site Visit 2008 December -

Gravis Site Visit 2010 April -
1. Initiate the process of community development in six villages of the Thar Desert
2. Organize women through formation of Self Help Groups
3. Ensure water security in project villages by construction of water storage tanks
4. Improve health conditions of women and children through health education and provision of health services
5. Spread literacy among children with a special focus on girl children
GRAVIS was established in 1983 by a group of social activists inspired by the Gandhian philosophy of social service.

GRAVIS now works in over eight hundred villages of Thar desert covering Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Barmer, Nagaur and Bikaner districts. The organization follows an integrated approach focusing on sustainable developmental programmes for alternative rural reconstruction and also mobilizes emergency relief in times of crisis. The primary approach is aimed at working directly on social rehabilitation and not just monetary assistance thus promoting self-reliance in village communities.
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