Diksha Foundation - Khel Project

Project Brief: Funding a computer center to help in computer literacy among unemployed youth and children from nearby slums.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Purdue
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Rachana Agrawal
Project Partner(s): Gautam Gauri
Other Contacts: Aditi Anand
Project Address: , C-1, Shanti Vihar Colony, P.O. BV College,Ambedkar Path,Patna,
BIHAR  800014
Tel: 011 91 9204056412
Stewarding Chapter: Purdue
Nov 2018PurdueUSD 7320
Jul 2018PurdueUSD 7626
Nov 2017PurdueUSD 8657
May 2017PurdueUSD 8795
Nov 2016PurdueUSD 6879
Jul 2016PurdueUSD 6820
Feb 2015PurdueUSD 5272
May 2014PurdueUSD 8503
Feb 2014PurdueUSD 1411
Jun 2013PurdueUSD 2219
Mar 2013PurdueUSD 4056
Mar 2012PurdueUSD 3350

Total = $70908

The organization endeavours to open up the minds of the learners, increase their self-esteem, build and strengthen their capacities to cope with life‟s challenges and educate them with the skills necessary to actualise their greatest potential. Special focus is on building an awareness of and responsibility for the environment to service every district in the country within the next 20 years.
To enable a sustainable development process for rural India through enhanced access to knowledge, education, and equitable livelihood and growth opportunities.
Alok Charitable trust (ACT) was established in the year 1988 towards furthering the cause of Education and integrated sustainable development for rural communities in India. The trust seeks to a socio-economic transformation in the rural India through knowledge and education support to communities.
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