Vijay Foundation Trust - Aarti Home: Orphanage and Innovative Edu Programs

Project Brief: Innovative Laboratory activities and experiments for children in orphanage school
Project Type: Educational Experiments (description)
Primary Focus: orphans (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Suvarna SreeGeetha Dandapanthula
Project Partner(s): Sandhya Puchalapalli
Other Contacts: Prema Grandhi
Project Address: , House number 20 539 Opposite Municipal Stadium, Kadapa,Y.S.R District Andhra Pradesh, India,Kadapa,
Tel: 91 - 8562 - 247 106
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Apr 2024SeattleUSD 45875
Apr 2023SeattleUSD 55785
Sep 2022SeattleUSD 56710
Oct 2021SeattleUSD 58594
Oct 2021SeattleUSD 4913
Jun 2021SeattleUSD 5222
Jun 2020SeattleUSD 15938
Apr 2020SeattleUSD 2623
Nov 2019SeattleUSD 4212
May 2019SeattleUSD 17372
Nov 2018SeattleUSD 14378
Nov 2017SeattleUSD 49880
Nov 2017SeattleUSD 19826
Nov 2016San FranciscoUSD 8395
Jul 2016SeattleUSD 15056
Nov 2015San FranciscoUSD 2444
Oct 2015San FranciscoUSD 4111
Aug 2014San FranciscoUSD 6731

Total = $388065

Aarti School currently has 300 kids in all classes from kindergarden to 10th grade. They are starting new innovative education programs in 2014 that teach kids, both boys and girls, through experiential projects that not only prepare them for the real world and also instill in them a sense of confidence.

The innovative programs would include setting up labs for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, Math, Computers and Sustainability.
1. Overview of current programs and accomplishments.

Our programs are based on a four-pronged approach in an effort to address the issues arising, as follows:

Shelter: We shelter abandoned girl children in Aarti Home. More than 300 long-term residents have lived here, and 100 are living here at present. They are given a loving home and supported till they finish their education and settle down in their careers. Over the years we have also had around 700 children rescued from traffickers who have stayed temporarily until they were rehabilitated.

Education: We provide support for education through:

• Aarti School for 375 underprivileged children in the area.
• Financial assistance to bright and needy students in the area to support
further education.
• Bridge schooling to bring older children to schools for over 200 children.

Livelihood: We train and counsel destitute women and impart income-generating skills. Around 10,000 women are now financially independent thanks to our tailoring, embroidery, beautician & petty coat & saree fall making courses. We support them by marketing their products through corporate/personal orders and exhibitions in various cities in India and abroad.

Awareness: We run outreach programs in an effort to educate the Community.

We also undertake special projects like:

• Mobile Computer Project – This project is aimed at taking computer education to rural India. We have already trained around 1200 school children in computer basics in villages in Kadapa district.

• Women’s Education Programme (WEP) – This is an ongoing programme that we have undertaken in the current year wherein our school children are taught various extra-curricular activities and taken for hospital visits and field trips.

• We conduct workshops, seminars and group discussions on -
a) Health care – Importance of Nutrition, physical and emotional health and sex education.
b) Environment – Global Warming, Bio-diversity, Conservation of water and Cleanliness.
c) Career Guidance – Workshops on goat setting, Decision Making & Planning.
d) Summer Camp – Painting, Clay modelling, Drama, Dance, Story telling & etc.
Aarti Home started in 1992 when Sandhya, the founder of Aarti Home found Radhika, a three year old who was abandoned on the streets of Kadapa after her mother was killed in what would typically be called a case of domestic abuse and dowry harassment. A few friends came together and formed Aarti home to take care of children like Radhika. Radhika and Aarti Home were the humble start to Vijay Foundation Trust, which can be best described as a silent crusade against injustice to women and children, a crusade that has got stronger over the last twenty one years and has impacted over 100,000 women and children across the district.

Over the last two decades there have been many changes. Seeds of what is to come have been sown, and they show hope for a better future for lakhs of women.

Over the years, they have started Aarti Home, Aarti School, Aarti Education, Lalitha Women's Centre and Lalitha Advocacy under the aegis of Vijay Foundation Trust. In addition, Aarti has built tremendous external linkages with governmental and non- governmental agencies across the world to bring funds, focus and awareness for the issue of girl child.
USA Project Coordinating contact:
Name: Prema Grandhi(Seattle chapter)
Phone # 425-786-7966
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