Projects of Asha for Education

Asha for Education has supported more than 1000 projects in India over the last 26 years – all working towards the mission of ‘Socio-economic equality through the education of underprivileged children‘.  Use the filters below to select the projects based on State, Chapter or current funding status.

#ProjectChapter(s) Funding
1Fellowship: A. S. Karthi BharathiBoston/MIT
2Fellowship: Aheli ChowdhurySilicon Valley
3Fellowship: Gautam GauriPurdue
4Fellowship: Mahesh PandeySilicon Valley
5Fellowship: Nandlal MasterBangalore
6Fellowship: Saurabh SharmaSilicon Valley
7Fellowship: Senthilkumar GopalanUFlorida
8Fellowship: SiddammaAustin
9Fellowship: Vallabhacharya PandeySilicon Valley