Fellowship: Vallabhacharya Pandey

Project Brief: In addition to the overall Asha India accounts responsibilities, Vallabh bhai is leading regional projects development, monitoring, performance and audits.
Project Type: Fellowships (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: pankil patel
Project Partner(s): Vallabh Pandey
Other Contacts: Mayank Joshi
Project Address: , Bhandahan Kala,Post Kaithi,Kaithi,
Tel: 91 542 2618201
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Sep 2023Silicon ValleyUSD 5581
Jun 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 5451
Sep 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 5770
Jun 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 5315
Nov 2019Silicon ValleyUSD 4663
Nov 2018Silicon ValleyUSD 5029
Nov 2017Silicon ValleyUSD 5643
Apr 2016Silicon ValleyUSD 5499
Mar 2016Silicon ValleyUSD 5451
Nov 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 5925
Mar 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 4478
Apr 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 3600
Dec 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 4000
Mar 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 3965
Oct 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 3670
Jan 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 4615
Aug 2006Silicon ValleyUSD 3240
Jun 2005Silicon ValleyUSD 3000

Total = $84895

Vallabh bhai is the campaign coordinator for Right to Information in Uttar Pradesh and some districts of Bihar working closely with many organizations including Asha, Right to Information Campaign of UP and Right to Information campaign Bihar. In this role he plans and oversees the work of 30 RTI fellows in the region. In addition, he also conducts regular RTI camps in Varanasi district.

Current emphasis of RTI campaign includes improvements in resources allocated through many government schemes and programs such as NREGA, Mid-day Meal and teacher attendance at government schools, ICDS (Baalwadis), PDS (Ration shops), and general disbursement of government funds. These goals are achieved primarily through creating and supporting public participation in demand for implementation of these programs.

Vallabh bhai is also leading regional projects development, monitoring, performance and audit activities.

With involvement of Vallabh bhai, Asha projects monitoring is becoming highly organized and effective. Multiple new possibilities exist in expanding his work in project evaluation and monitoring of greater number of grassroots projects. He has keen interest in making Asha supported projects more effective through special projects such as Libraries and teacher training.

Vallabh bhai continues to support these activities:
- Site visits (one visit to each project in the region every year)
- Projects audits and monitoring, identify and communicate problems at supported projects
- Asha Trust administrative and account keeping work. Keep summary accounts of all Asha funded projects in India. Facilitated proper accounts and records.
- Identify and recommend suitable projects for IFG to consider. Provide detail info, supporting documents and feed back on questions. Coordinate status of new proposals and communicate updates to all parties.
- Training workshops and vocational training camps at Kaithi center
- Member of editorial board of Sachchi Muchchi (monthly magazine printed by from Kaithi)
- Leading role in interactions with regional govt offices for public interest issues
- Contribute to planning of special projects such as Asha libraries and teacher training
Main goal of Vallabh's work is to mobilize numerous small community based and owned efforts in eastern Uttar Pradesh around education and rights. With Vallabh bhai's careful nurturing and strong coordination & monitoring more than thirty such communities are now able to free up government resources allocated for them and improve the public services such as government schools, NREGA and PDS. Corruption levels have reduced significantly in the blocks of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar where such people participation in Right to Information campaign is strong.
Asha Varanasi (also known as Asha Kaithi)

Additional documentation on the Public Awareness Campaign available at project website: https://www.ashanet.org/projects/project-view.php?p=919


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