Fellowship: Mahesh Pandey

Project Brief: Education, teacher training, regional development, right to information, issues of the underprivilidged children
Project Type: Fellowships (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Robin Gupta
Project Partner(s): MAHESH PANDEY
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , ASHA TRUST ,685 /A Village Post Tatiyaganj, Mandhana, Kanpur Nagar,kanpur,
Tel: 011 9198385 46900
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Nov 2023Silicon ValleyUSD 6043
Dec 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 2791
Jun 2022Silicon ValleyUSD 2958
Oct 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 2895
Jul 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 2886
Nov 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 2693
Jun 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 2733
Jul 2019DCUSD 5802
Jan 2019DCUSD 4201
Oct 2017DCUSD 3108
Jul 2017DCUSD 3132
Nov 2016DCUSD 4009
Oct 2016DCUSD 1519
Nov 2015StanfordUSD 6144
Nov 2014StanfordUSD 6649
Oct 2013DCUSD 6702
Apr 2013DCUSD 6170
Jan 2012DCUSD 5600
Oct 2010DCUSD 5082
Dec 2009DCUSD 4620
Aug 2008DCUSD 4200
Oct 2007DCUSD 3600
Sep 2006DCUSD 3000
Jul 2005DCUSD 3000
Dec 2002BerkeleyUSD 1200
Dec 2001BerkeleyUSD 1200

Total = $101937

This fellowship support is to allow the fellow to focus on region's development through education, income generation, right to information, and projects development and coordination. By close participation with the fellow, Asha stands to gain the perspective on the issues of the underprivileged and the marginalized communities that the fellow works with.

RTI campaign is gaining momentum at Kanpur in the last two years. There are many accomplishments since November 2006 with Mahesh in the leadership role. Many groups are working together on this campaign under the "RTI Campaign Kanpur" banner for transparency and accountability of government departments. They have ensured that the different government offices have appointed Public Information Officers (PIOs) and that they receive the requests for information from the public in the proper manner. The current status is that if any citizen is willing to patiently pursue the Right to Information route for resolution of their pending issue, they achieve major successes, without paying a bribe or being hassled on multiple trips to the department. There is a high percentage of public interest applications in Kanpur campaign.

Mahesh's effort on understanding the issues of children of migrant labor by living and working with them at Apna Ghar (residential home) as part of the Ek Kadam effort has born some initial successes. The twelve children from brick kiln migrant labor bastis currently at the Apna Ghar facility are becoming aware and involved citizens with regular participation in community issues in addition to accumulating a good to excellent academic record.

Details of Ek Kadam (Apna Ghar) Initiative

RTI Campaign Uttar Pradesh Updates

RTI Campaign Kanpur Updates

Mahesh's Personal Photo-essay Blog

Collection of Poetry, Stories and Paintings by Children of Apna Ghar
Improvement in overall education scenario and capabilities, curriculum for holistic development of children
Working in the region since 1996
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