Fellowship: A. S. Karthi Bharathi

Project Brief:
Project Type: Fellowships (description)
Primary Focus: remedial education (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston/MIT
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Melli Annamalai
Project Partner(s): A. S. Karthik Bharathi
Other Contacts:
Tel: 9894805446
Stewarding Chapter: Boston/MIT
May 2023Boston/MITUSD 3691
Jun 2022Boston/MITUSD 3885
Jun 2021Boston/MITUSD 4116
Aug 2019Boston/MITUSD 4229
Nov 2018Boston/MITUSD 4191
Jul 2017Boston/MITUSD 4746
Aug 2016Boston/MITUSD 3186
Sep 2015BangaloreINR 210000
Oct 2014Boston/MITUSD 3365
Mar 2014Boston/MITUSD 1518
Sep 2013Boston/MITUSD 1426
Apr 2013Boston/MITUSD 1680

Total = $40611

Several students who have come to class 8th or 9th without the level of learning required for that class. They are far below the learning level for that class, sometimes even having difficulty in writing correctly and reading well. The schools are required to pass them in the lower classes so they are just moved from class to class and when they reach the higher classes they are overwhelmed, feel ashamed, and drop out. The teachers tend to focus on the better students and no one pays attention to these students.

The goal of this project is to help these students gain the confidence that they can also learn learn the basic knowledge of their class. Often the main thing that these students need is care and individual attention, and that is what this project will focus on.
Help students not doing well academically feel confident that they can also learn, and help them gain the knowledge expected in their class.