Fellowship: Siddamma

Project Brief: Siddamma is working on creating a community resource center to document community based knowledge and provide a base for communities to test eco-friendly alternatives in agriculture, pottery, dairy, herbs and energy.
Project Type: Fellowships (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sowmya Suryanarayanan
Project Partner(s): Siddamma E
Other Contacts: Vikram Iyengar
Project Address: , 184/14C-2 Jayanagar,,,,
Tel: 9884080048(C), 44-65519972(H)
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Jan 2024AustinUSD 2557
Aug 2023AustinUSD 5140
Jun 2022AustinUSD 5431
Oct 2021AustinUSD 21581
Sep 2021AustinUSD 5769
Apr 2020AustinUSD 5498
Sep 2019AustinUSD 2810
Sep 2018AustinUSD 4256
Nov 2017AustinUSD 7508
Oct 2016AustinUSD 4542
Jun 2015AustinUSD 4788
Feb 2013AustinUSD 2000
Nov 2011AustinUSD 3519
Apr 2011AustinUSD 724
Feb 2011AustinUSD 66
Jun 2010AustinUSD 5135
Mar 2009AustinUSD 4710
Oct 2007AustinUSD 6000
Oct 2007NYC/NJUSD 4642
Oct 2006AustinUSD 2700
Dec 2005AustinUSD 1350
Jul 2005AustinUSD 1350
Jan 2005ToledoUSD 1000
Apr 2004Silicon ValleyUSD 1500

Total = $104576

Siddamma is a grassroots activist who has worked extensively with the Irula tribal communities. Her work is multi-faceted depending on the needs of the people. She has coordinated many motivational centers that makes learning fun and helps children integrate into the mainstream. She has also worked with the youth and organizing people and making them aware of their rights, e.g. understanding that laws exist for the people to earn minumum wages. More recently she has been instrumental in the release of bonded laborers from the rice mills in Red Hills (30 km from Chennai).

She is also working on creating a community resource center. The idea of the resource center to document community based knowledge. It also provides a platform to the community to try out for eco-friendly alternatives. One of the focus areas is the use of natural/organic cultivation systems and traditional seeds. The demo center would help communities experiment at the village level. Many of the old villagers feel that the young generation depend too much on pesticides and fertilizers and it would give them an opportunity to handle this through a demonstration of different techniques. Similarly, in agriculture the seed storage system is almost vanishing. The result of this is that many of the traditional seeds have disappeared and the mutated seeds have only a one cycle lifetime and can�t be reused. As a result the farmers are dependent on companies for even seeds. Agriculture is one focus; the second is pottery i.e. the use of earthen pots vs. plastic. The third is a dairy the village diaries are almost extinct. The fourth is weaving the fifth herbs/honey and gum that the tribal people obtain from forests and the sixth is renewable energy. The collapse of local economies increases dependence on outside products and since the purchasing power is much lower than cities this results in worse living conditions.

The resource center does not only serve as a laboratory for the villages, but also provides an opportunity to learn what we should be teaching our children. The center would double up as a fulltime school for children who have dropped out from the regular schooling system and can benefit from alternative education and vocational skills.
Siddamma is also the founder of Bharathi Trust which has done excellent community based initiatives for the Irula community. Bharathi Trust also initiated the unorganized workers union which is a people's movement of the poorest sections of the society.
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