Asha for Education – Celebrate Teacher’s Day

According to the World Bank and Harvard University study, on any given day, 25% of teachers in India are absent in schools, with the rate being as high as 42% in poorer states. As India prepares to celebrate another Teacher’s Day on September 5th, it should serve as a reminder to all of us who had the opportunity to be educated that 43% primary schools in India have a teacher-student ratio of 1:40 or worst.

An important aspect in getting children to school is to first get teachers to attend school. For more than 20 years now, Asha for Education has not only strived to put the underprivileged children in schools, but has also constantly supported the teachers by providing them with adequate training, innovative teaching material and salaries so they are motivated to attend school and educate children in our projects.
“Sandnya Sanwardhan Sanstha provides service to 93 children who fall under 5 levels of mental disability – ranging from borderline to profound. 41 teachers (21teaching and 20 non-teaching/support staff) work in very challenging environment to make a difference in lives of these special children”
On teacher’s day, let’s come together and celebrate these amazing teachers that work dedicatedly in bringing quality education to children who without them night have none.Your support will help our teachers continue their great work! 
Our success depends on your support. We are in last weeks of Work an Hour 2014, and we are far from achieving our targets. But, we have a strong belief in you! We believe you will help our projects and children we support reach their potential. We believe you will will help us change the future of our society
Manasa is a non-profit organization located in Hyderabad, India working for the welfare and integration of intellectually challenged by implementing various programs for their development. 63 children with special needs get critical life sustaining skills by tireless efforts of their teachers …