Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
Eleven year old Kalimuddin studies in a non-formal education center for children of migrant workers in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh (a northern Indian state). He belongs to a family of rag-pickers. Like many in his community, he works from 5am to 1pm. But he never misses going to the education center, Apna Skool, which begins at 2pmeveryday. Being able to read has motivated him so much that he wants other displaced children to go to school too. He volunteers to bring three younger children to school in a make-shift cart tied to his bicycle, much like a cycle rickshaw.
“The long journey, which is undertaken after a full day of working as a rag-picker, tires him out. But his desire for an education and for ensuring the education of other children is so great that he undertakes it quite cheerfully”
Kalimuddin attends Asha for Education supported Apna Skool a school for Migrant Labors in Kanpur. You can help Kalimuddin and over 600 children like him! Would you join hands in helping our children read?
Our success depends on your support. We are in last weeks of Work an Hour 2014, and we are far from achieving our targets. But, we have a strong belief in you! We believe you will help our projects and children we support reach their potential. We believe you will will help us change the future of our society, together we can make a difference 
My name is Geeta and I belong to a village called Vatavachchh in Saurasthra region of Gujarat. I belong to the Rabari or the shepherd family. My parents have never been to school. I am the eldest of their six children and in my family and past generations I am the most educated. 
“When I was six or seven years old I was engaged and at the age 15 I was married. Now after coming to Navsarjan DSK I realize that this is not the age for me to start a family. I have convinced my mother and my father and they have agreed not to send me to the home of my husband. When my mother visited me to DSK, Indu, one of the DSK staff too had a word with my mother. My mother has now decided that all my younger sisters should be educated and she does not want to get them engaged”
Geeta is not alone, Navsarjan Trust works with many young girls like her in making them self reliant and confident through vocational training and counseling. Would you spare an hour and support Geeta?