Bharathi Trust - Kuvempu

Project Brief: Kuvempu project of Bharathi Trust with the help from Asha, runs several non-formal educational centers, imparts vocational training and creates awareness amoung a cluster of villages around Chitraturga, Karnataka
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Detroit
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Sai Manohar Gopisetty
Project Partner(s): Geetha Devi K
Other Contacts: Lalitha Balakrishnan
Project Address: , Opp. Chitradurga Gramin Bank,Shivaganga Post,,
KARNATAKA  577 526
Tel: (08191) 677316
Stewarding Chapter: Detroit
Jun 2017DetroitUSD 23648
Dec 2016DetroitUSD 11885
Jun 2016DetroitUSD 22641
Mar 2016DetroitUSD 2116
Nov 2015DetroitUSD 12232
Jul 2015DetroitUSD 19205
Nov 2014DetroitUSD 16087
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Total = $348735

Kuvempu project of Bharathi Trust with the help from Asha, runs several non-formal educational centers, imparts vocational training and creates awareness among a cluster of villages around Chitraturga, Karnataka. Listed below are some of the main activities:

- Vidya Kendras (evening school and tuition centers)
- Scholarships to help children complete high school and continue higher education
- Vocational training for youth
- Serves as a resource center for teaching/learning materials and a village Library Network
- Works with children of migrant laborers
- Partners with Government schools
- Helps citizens to obtain entitled benefits from the Government
Introduction and Goals:
The core team of Kuvempu has been informally working together since July 2000.

The overall goals of the trust are:
- to transform individuals to live based on love, trust and compassion.
- to create a society which functions based on equality, justice and freedom.

Among its many action-oriented goals, the trust at this time is able to pursue the following.
a) to run non-formal centres for working and drop-out children.
b) to run motivational centres so that poor children can join and do well in regular school.
c) to create self-employment opportunities by arranging various vocational training programmes in coordination with governmental and non-governmental institutions.
d) to give counseling and guidance to youth towards job opportunities outside their villages.
e) to motivate youth to plant, water and take care of trees and plants on roadside and residential areas.
f) to work for eradication of untouchability and caste-related taboos in public places.
g) to promote harmonious peaceful community living of people of different castes, class and religion.
h) to form cultural team to perform traditional dance and music programmes for community awareness on various social issues.

Brief Background of the Area:

In spite of 55 years of independence from foreign rule, village life in our area of work, currently Chitradurga and Devangere districts of Karnataka, persists in degrading caste taboos, prejudices and inequalities. Madiga people (Dalits in the narrow sense) even today are not allowed inside certain public places such as hotels, given a separate aluminum tumbler and plate if allowed, not served by barbers, not allowed inside temples, etc. This is not to mention the slave-like treatment meted out to them as labourers and servants in private homes. Among the poor Lambadis, rampant alcholism, gambling, thieving and wife-beating, and in some places prostitution of married women is keeping them in total darkness.

For the poor children, though there is easy access to government schools in many villages, most children drop-out by 4th or 5th Std without even clear knowledge of the Kannada alphabets let alone be able to read or write. Many become labourers, some even bonded for 5 to 7 years by their parents to the rich.

Being mostly landless, uneducated and unskilled, the poor youth take to the path of their parents with the same manual labour, same low wages and same hopelessness for betterment. To keep their minds away from the painful problems of life, they often take to drinking, gambling, addictively watching commercial cinemas, etc. and the grip of poverty and deprivation only tightens as the generations pass by.

It is in such an area with deep, age-old and widespread problems that Kuvempu has entered to focus its modest energies to bring out socio-economic changes and build a society based on equality, justice and freedom.
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