Hyundai Glovis commits Rs 4.5 Crore over 4 years to Asha

On Friday, 6th July Hyundai Glovis signed an MOU for Rs. 4 Crores with Asha Chennai to help 60 government schools in Thiruvallur district for the next 4 years. As a part of their CSR initiative Glovis India Pvt. Ltd., a group company of Hyundai Motors, has been partnering with the Chennai chapter of Asha for Education to work with government schools in Thiruvallur district. This MOU significantly expands the scope of the work and commits to supporting that till year 2021-22.

Asha for Education is an NGO that is working towards providing basic education for the underprivileged in India. Asha has over 60 chapters spread across the world. The Chennai chapter of Asha has been working with government schools in the Thiruvallur district since 2004. Asha has been developing contents and software to effectively employ technology aided learning at these schools.

Since 2014, Glovis has partnered with Asha in the Glovis Sangamam project. In 2017-18 the Glovis Sangamam project supported 12 schools.  These schools have been provided additional teachers, trained by experts in Maths and English. Assessments are conducted for the children to identify gaps in learning and the teacher training program has evolved in line with the findings. Further, Asha teachers have been provided laptops with Internet connection, preloaded with contents aligned to the Samacheer Kalvi curriculum. The teachers have been trained to use these effectively.


The schools have received materials including mats for the children to sit on, water drums for drinking water, stationery to use in classrooms, sports materials, innovative kits for teaching Maths and English etc. The children have been given school bags, health/hygiene kits, sports dresses, chappals etc. The infrastructure at the schools has been improved. Toilets have been constructed or repaired and kitchen sheds have been provided. Libraries have been setup at these schools. The children have been taken on educational tours to places like Birla Planetarium, Mahabalipuram and Dakshina Chitra.

All these efforts are bearing fruit. The enrollment at most of these schools are improving and the teachers and students are showing improvements in their skill levels.

With the signing of the MOU, Glovis is supporting the Glovis Sangamam project for the fifth consecutive  academic year – 2018-19. Glovis further commits continued support for the project upto 2022. The scope of the project is being expanded significantly to cover 60 schools – 54 in the Poondi block and 6 in the Ellapuram block of Thiruvallur District. Teachers will be appointed at 17 schools that have insufficient number of teachers. Technology aided learning is an important facet of the project. Teachers will be appointed to teach children computer science as well as English, Maths, Science and other subjects using innovative contents on computers.

On July 6th, the MOU was signed by Mr. Tae Young Park, Managing Director of Glovis and Mr. Rajaraman, coordinator of Asha Chennai. The function was attended by employees of Glovis India Pvt Ltd and volunteers, staff and teachers of Asha. Presentations on the CSR initiatives of Glovis and the impact of the Glovis Sangamam project were made during the event.

Click here to see the photos from the MOU signing.

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  1. Sir, Very much impressed by the services done by Asha, in education among unprivileged children. I am in Perambur, wants to voluntary work close to my house. Desk work only, since due renal transplant- twice field work not possible. Pls let me know. Tkns!.. Anantharajan Ramaratnam Chennai

  2. I started AFE SiValley project Himwats Savidya in Champawat in .2005 with all the features present in
    Hyundai Glovis project in Asha Chennai
    Thanks to
    Prem for letting me know about it

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