The Official Asha Song

An original Asha tune composed by Asha volunteers from Chennai. The beat is youthful, reminiscent and the lyrics are fresh with earnest.

The Song 

Composer & Singer

Manikanth Kadri, BA, 28 year old son of Kadri Gopalnath, a noted Saxaphone player of Mangalore’s Kadri village, composed the tune using his keyboard. Feroz Khan, a 23 year old high school dropout, wrote the lyrics

Creative Director

John Vijay who has been creating Asha films has once again been the inspiring/creative force behind the music.

How it happened

Mani was working on his second album titled “Mere Samne” when John, the promoter of the album, asked him to compose a tune for Asha. Mani explains, “I was feeling dull that day. When I looked at the mirror, a smile dawned. And the tune was born”. The tune was composed in 45 minutes. What is also very interesting to note is that John (Christian), Mani (Hindu) and Feroz (Muslim) have worked together to create this beautiful piece. This song beautifully captures the spirit of Asha and the innocence flowing from this song soothes and boosts our spirit.

Lyrics & Rough Translation

हम जब हसें तो, दुनिया लगे हसीन क्यूं 
मीठी सी बातें हम करते हैं क्यूँ 
होती है पूरी, हर दिल की तमन्ना 
जब मन में हो सच्ची बात छुपी  

(when we all share a smile, why does the world seem so pleasant?)
(…why do we exchange such pleasantries?)
(the wishes of all souls get fulfilled)
(when truth reigns in the hearts)
ए ख़ुदा, तूने कैसे सजाये इतने सारे सितारे
होते ही सुबह खो जाते हैं सारे 
बन कर आते हैं शबनम फूलों पे 
(O Lord, how did you create so many stars?)
(with the coming of dawn, they all disappear)
(only to reappear as dew drops on flowers?!) 
बुरा क्या भला क्या , बच्चे  कैसे जाने 
वो थो सबसे हैं अंजान 
रहती है चहरे पे उनके हमेशा 
मीठी सी वोह मुसकान 
(How would the kids know right from wrong?)
(They are unaware of such things)
(They always have a sweet smile on their faces)
उनको देखो थो लगता है 
नूर इतना छलकता है 
जैसे नन्हे फ़रिश्ते 
है आशा उनके दिल में भी इतनी प्यारी सी 
कभी उन फरिश्तों को करना पड़ता है, तूफानों का सामना 
गुज़रते हैं वोह शोलों के रास्ते से हैं उनकी मजबूरियां 
(Their faces beam with a divine light)
(These angels have hope in their hearts…)
(But these angels have to face troubles in their lives sometimes…)
उनकी मजबूरियां सारी 
बाट ले हम भी थोड़ी सी 
उनसे ही है दुनिया भी 
उनकी प्यारी सी  आशाएं  आओ हम लौटे दें 
(Let us come together and share their pain)
(The world exists because of them)
(Let us help return their sweet hopes towards life)