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It is the year 2010. The age of the internet – information readily available at one’s fingertips.   But for millions of children and adults alike in the villages of India, education is still a distant dream. For them, the wealth of readily available knowledge is, but inaccessible. With over 70% of India’s population living in rural areas, a good basic education might just be the factor that changes their world.  The factor that could be their ‘impetus to succeed‘.
Asha for Education’s Work an Hour 2010 features 13 projects in India working to improve the lives of thousands. Today, we bring to you two projects – ACRD and MCF – which are working towards rural empowerment. Let us make a small contribution  towards these projects and bring hope to the thousands of children. Every minute is precious. Every rupee counts. Donate an hour of your work now. Visit www.workanhour.org to know more.

Mountain Children’s Foundation
Mountain Children’s Foundation works with 30 partner NGOs in Uttarakhand, reaching out to
over 13,000 children and nearly 700 village level groups. MCF has historically been working on child rights, education, gender equality and other issues in Uttarakhand. The Right to Information project was started between Asha and MCF with a vision of empowering students with the RTI Act . The program was a bigger success than what we had  imagined when we started it. 21 partner NGOs were involved in 104 villages with around 4000 children and filed nearly 500 RTI applications. The RTI petitions encompassed issues ranging from education, playgrounds, electricity, water, roads and health to ration cards, panchayat, BPL cards, pensions, irrigation and child rights. Click here to read further.
Assam Center for Rural Development
Nartap High School and Bonpura Primary Schools in the Kamrup district of Assam were started as venture schools in the 1990s. Both schools are situated around 40-50 kms from Guwahati. Students come from poor laborer families living below the poverty line. Asha for Education’s involvement with these schools started in 2004 with the construction of a school building and has since come a long way. Asha now supports the teachers, mid-day meals, stationary, excursions and is actively involved in the running of the school. These efforts have borne fruit with a high percentage of students passing the board exams. With Asha’s help, ACRD aims for the all round development of the students through Quality education, vocational training and encouragement for extra-curricular activities and sports.  Click here to read further.
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