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"Impossible itself says I am possible. It depends on how we read and take up the things in casual manner." says Parameshwari – a beneficiary of Rehabilitation Center for Blind Women (RCBW). Parameshwari suffers from low vision and was unable to study. After joining RCBW and getting education through special training, she has now successfully completed 8th standard and has, in her own words, "lot of spirit and self confidence".  Like RCBW, Prayas is another Asha for Education partner who helps disadvantaged members of the society to "overcome disabilities." Work An Hour 2010 features these organizations that have given disabled children hope, and a chance at independency, self sufficiency and self dignity.

Rehabilitation Center for Blind Women (RCBW)
Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu

Rehabilitation Center for Blind Women (RCBW), founded by Dr. Joseph Gnanadickam in 1975, aims to rehabilitate, educate, provide vocational training and replacement services to blind women. The rehabilitation services include Orientation and Mobility training, Computer learning through voice synthesizers, Braille shorthand and typewriting and many more.  The vocational trainings include Weaving, Telephone Booth manning, Block Printing and more to make blind girls and women independent and self sufficient.  RCBW also helps blind women socially through matrimony and has conducted over 400 marriages. Currently the residential facility hosts 80 blind women. Read more

Jaipur, Jhalana, Rajapark, Amargarh, Sanganer – Rajasthan

Prayas is an ambitious effort by its founder Ms. Jatinder Arora to provide integrated vocational training for mentally and physically challenged children. It started in 1996 and now has branches in Jaipur, Jhalana, Rajapark, Amagarh, and Sanganer in Rajasthan.  Its main goal is to provide quality education for all children- regardless of their social status or capabilities. It supports the integration of special needs children into the mainstream through an Integrated Education approach. In addition, Prayas aims to improve and provide health and nutritional care for the underprivileged and also works with governmental and non- governmental agencies to advocate children’s rights.  Today, Prayas serves around 500 children and helps 10000 families through different activities such as Health Camps, Vocational Training and Community Services. Read more
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