Work An Hour 2009 – Update from First Week

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Work An Hour 2009
Week One Updates

Welcome to the first update on Work An Hour (WAH) 2009.

Where we are…
Time flies! A week has passed by since the campaign started. Till date, WAH has raised more than $10,000 and it’s all because of donors like you. It’s a solid start but there is a lot more to do and we need your support all the way.

Know us more…
For the last 12 years, WAH has been successful in raising funds for variety of projects, spread all over India, with a single purpose – to share the gift of education with under-privileged children. WAH 2009 is no different and over the next few weeks we will give an overview of 15 unique projects that stand to benefit from this campaign. This week, we will showcase 3 such projects:

  • Arogya Seva, Thane, Maharashtra – Arogya Seva has long term goals of making the lives of tribal communities self sufficient and connecting them to the main stream world. Started in 2006, the project has been successful in providing education to children of all ages. In addition, it has played a major role in the overall development of the community by setting up solar lamps, organizing free health camps and providing free guidance in agriculture. True to it’s name, Arogya Seva works to promote healthy mind in a healthy body. Proceeds from WAH 2009 will be spent on mid-day meal programs supporting 130 kids for one full year. Also, through WAH 2009, hostel at Mokhada will be renovated (accommodating 30 students) thereby helping students continue their high school education. To learn more click here.
  • Ashraya Ashraya, Kollam, Kerala – Ashraya works at providing Formal and Special Education to mentally and physically challenged girl children from distressed socio-economic backgrounds. Started in 2000, the project works for the overall development of the children. Apart from the formal education, students are also encouraged to explore their creativity with activities such as dance, music, yoga, painting. For the students, Ashraya is not just a school but a home. Proceeds from WAH 2009 will be used to build a physiotherapy unit to ease the mobility of physically challenged children, helping them in their efforts in education. To learn more click here.


  • Olcott Memorial, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – Olcott Memorial School was founded in 1894 with a vision of bringing about social change through the education of the underprivileged. The school has a long and rich heritage and was also showcased on CNN’s “Impact Your World”. It provides quality education to numerous students most of whom come from families with average income way below the national average. Education is free along with food and basic healthcare. Proceeds from WAH 2009 will be used towards improving drinking water supply, electricity supply, toiletries etc, creating a better environment for education. To learn more click here.

An hour’s worth of your support will go a long way in empowering these communities. Please join us in our movement.
Thank you!

Prepare. Educate. Empower. Work an Hour.

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