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Teachers play a major role in shaping the lives of children, therefore, having well qualified and responsible teachers is an important aspect of quality education, the theme for WAH 2009. Below are three of the projects showcased in WAH 2009, which focus on employing committed and well trained teachers, as a means of maintaining the quality of education.

Project BuildProject Build – Pasumai Trust, Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu

In Thiruvallur district of Tamil Nadu, are located brick kilns, where hundreds of families work during the months of January through June each year and then travel back to their villages to work in agricultural fields during monsoon seasons. Such migration pattern challenges continuity of education for the children of brick kiln workers. Due to poverty and absence of schools, children are often forced to work in the brick kilns. Project Build realizes the fact that education is imperative in eliminating child labor. The project not only has centers to provide informal education to the kids of brick kiln workers, but is also working with government schools to enroll these kids in two different schools, one near the brick kilns and one in their native village. For this, the project plans to hire 4 new teachers at various government schools. To learn more click here.

Shikhshana Gangotri

Shikshana Gangotri, Kolar, Karnataka

Every morning, somewhere in Kolar District in rural Karnataka, a mother wakes up and gets her seven year-old daughter ready for her school. She knows that the education imparted in the school with trained teachers, gives hope that her daughter can someday grow up to live a life of comfort and respect. Another mother, with a 4 year old son drops him off at the “anganwadi”, and goes to work, earnings from which are critical for the family’s existence. At the end of a labor intensive day, she heads to the Adult Literacy Program Center to make herself literate and understand the health programs available there to live a better life. Shikshana Gangotri supports 33 such schools, 25 “anganwadis” and numerous Adult Literacy Centers, providing much needed help and hope for the families of 3000+ students in various aspects. To learn more click here.

Gramin Siksha Kendra, Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan
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For most Indian parents, choosing a school is one of the two choices i) a government school that does not work or ii) a private school that is not affordable. By establishing model schools (Uday Pathshala) in Sawai Madhopur district, close to the Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary, Gramin Shiksha Kendra supports the alternative model of community owned schools. A community that feels ownership of a school will be concerned about the quality of education imparted and eventually demand the same from the existing government school system. Extra-curricular activities and activities performed in small groups are encouraged from primary school level and help in providing a comprehensive approach to child development and learning in these Uday Pathshalas. To learn more click here.

Being located in the rural and poverty-stricken regions of India, all of the above projects face a common challenge of keeping up the enrollment and the retention rates of students. The teachers and the staff members at the above projects play an active role in motivating the residents to send their kids to school. The hour you donate today will pay for the salaries and training of such dedicated group of teachers. The WAH 2009 campaign is in its 3’rd week and so far, has been able to collect $13,861 from generous donors like you. Make a contribution to WAH and help these projects continue the excellent service they are providing.

15 Projects. 7000 children.
Goal: $200,000. Raised so far: $14,000.

Prepare. Educate. Empower. Work an Hour.

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