Disaster, Displacement and Child Labor.

There are often assumptions made that child labor is a demon created by the ‘attitude’ of parents and ignorance. But, is that all to it ?

Now, lets assume that its true for a moment. Given a choice how many parents wouldn’t think in the true interest of their children ? Are parents in India predominantly ignorant and don’t believe in giving the best for their children ?

The problem is probably deep rooted in the word “choice”. What are the reasons for it or rather the lack of it ? Why did SSA fail ? Does just free education in government schools alone mean “choice” ? What happens when the child goes back to home -wait only if there is a home …

Disaster and displacement have resulted in unaccounted no. of child laborers in the country. In most cases the displacement could be state sponsored. Does the state even recognize that ?

In a two part series, Ammu joseph disects the media coverage on the GoI’s ‘widened ban’ – Missing Links

Asha for education concentrated on retention of children in schools during the Tsunami relief and rehabilitation effort. Retention in schools was an important factor along with rehabilitating the families of the children. This was critical to fight the other fearsome effect of the disaster – more child laborers.

Asha’s Tsunami efforts
Article on AfE’s work with Urur Olcott kuppam .