Project Brief: To run learning centers to educate 70 at risk children who are out of school in the Saidualazab ,Saket area of South Delhi for a period of one year with aim of joining them in mainstream schools.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Frankfurt
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sandeep Morthala
Project Partner(s): Abhishek Kishore
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , 34, Corner Market,Malviya Nagar,,,
DELHI  110017
Tel: +91-11-65641300, +91-98105611
Stewarding Chapter: Frankfurt
Nov 2010FrankfurtEUR 1500
Mar 2009FrankfurtEUR 2000

Total = $3936.415

Asha supports teachers salaries and other daily expenses in running the learning center.
To mainstream all the targeted 70 at risk children to the formal schooling system within one year.
Ank is a non-Government and non-profit organization based in New Delhi. The Organization is registered under Societies Registration Act(XXXI)1860, Govt of NCT of Delhi.

The thought process behind ANK is that quality education is the only:
- Vehicle that can improve the living standards of the poor people.
- Tool, which can equip them to make informed and intelligent choices about their lives and future.
- Weapon to fight poverty and truly empower the children who tomorrow will be the face of India.

ANK seeks to achieve a better tomorrow through the medium of education and unleash the power of knowledge that is inaccessible to millions.

The governing body of ANK consists of people who have vast experience in the area of Governance, Law, Teaching, Information Technology and Business. The core-working group of ANK includes professionals like Teachers, Social Workers and Supervisors. Teachers working with us are also from different backgrounds, some are trained and some are untrained. Some of the teachers are working with us since last almost three years. All the teachers and supervisors are full time employee of the organization. To assist the core working group of the organisation, we have some part time professionals which includes lawers, accountants, doctors etc.

Mission : "To empower the poor through knowledge, health care, education, vocational training and commitment"