Thulir Trust - Education Resource Center, Dharmapuri

Project Brief: Thulir project is to support the School (formerly an education resource center_ being run by Thulir Trust in Sittilingi, Tamil Nadu.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: children of dalits/tribals

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Bangalore
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Balaji S
Project Partner(s): Anu Krishna
Other Contacts: Padmanava Sen
Project Address: , Sittilingi,Theerthamalai P.O.,Sittilingi/ Kottapatti,
TAMIL NADU  636906
Tel: 8098398762
Stewarding Chapter: Bangalore
Oct 2021IrvineUSD 1011
Oct 2021BangaloreUSD 6922
Jun 2021BangaloreUSD 11377
May 2021BangaloreUSD 5198
Nov 2020IrvineUSD 3042
May 2020BangaloreUSD 20845
Jul 2019BangaloreUSD 18647
Jun 2018BangaloreUSD 17182
Dec 2017BangaloreUSD 6628
Jul 2017BangaloreUSD 8408
Jan 2017BangaloreUSD 14856
Jul 2016BangaloreUSD 13023
Jul 2015BangaloreINR 672000
May 2015BangaloreINR 607400
Mar 2015BangaloreINR 7400
Jun 2014BangaloreINR 60000
Oct 2013BangaloreUSD 10128
Mar 2013BangaloreINR 262000
Mar 2013BangaloreINR 100000
Oct 2012BangaloreINR 100000
Feb 2012BangaloreINR 3184
Dec 2010BangaloreINR 540000
Sep 2010BangaloreINR 270000
Dec 2009BangaloreINR 63600
Jul 2009BangaloreINR 96600
Nov 2008BangaloreINR 96600

Total = $200024.4912

Thulir is an alternative school (formerly an Education Resource Center for children and young adults) for children at Sittilingi which is a tribal village in Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu. It is a Tamil word meaning, "tender shoot", also "to sprout".

Asha has been actively supporting the Thulir effort since 2004 through Fellowships for Anu and Krishna, who started Thulir. This project is to provide support for recurring expenses of the Thulir initiative. Asha Bangalore is the stewarding chapter of this effort.

News from thulir is archived in the blog
To create a sanctuary for a small group of children to grow, learn and bloom to their full potential in an atmosphere of freedom and goodness taking pride in their adivasi culture and agricultural heritage.
Thulir Trust is a Charitable Trust Regd under Indian Trusts Act Regn. No. 222/2007 [Gudalur, Nilgiris Dt., Tamil Nadu]
This project supports a school (formerly an education resource center) run by Asha Fellows Anu and Krishna.
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