Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association

Project Brief: Specific Intervention for Facilitating Devlopment of Children with Disablity
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Prasenjit Biswas
Project Partner(s): K Ananda
Other Contacts: Akanksha Bapna
Project Address: , At-Netaji Subash Marg,Near S.P Residence,Chatrapur,
ORISSA  761020
Tel: 011 91 9876543210
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Mar 2022AustinUSD 5569
Oct 2021AustinUSD 52942
Sep 2021AustinUSD 5251
Nov 2020AustinUSD 18514
Jun 2020AustinUSD 2632
Jun 2020AustinUSD 15773
Apr 2020AustinUSD 266
Apr 2020AustinUSD 1187
Apr 2020AustinUSD 6131
Nov 2019StanfordUSD 33347
Jun 2019StanfordUSD 9937
Nov 2018StanfordUSD 31923
Dec 2017StanfordUSD 36457
Oct 2016StanfordUSD 26546
Mar 2016StanfordUSD 5570
Dec 2015StanfordUSD 9045
Oct 2015StanfordUSD 15439
Aug 2015StanfordUSD 9346
Aug 2015StanfordUSD 5134
May 2015StanfordUSD 8888
Nov 2014StanfordUSD 14046
Sep 2014StanfordUSD 11370
Mar 2014StanfordUSD 16454
Nov 2013StanfordUSD 0
Oct 2013StanfordUSD 9377
Jul 2013StanfordUSD 6988
Nov 2012StanfordUSD 7639
Feb 2012StanfordUSD 15850
Jul 2011Work an HourUSD 6587
Jul 2011StanfordUSD 1200
Dec 2010Work an HourUSD 4000
Nov 2010StanfordUSD 4000
Apr 2010StanfordUSD 11000
Feb 2009StanfordUSD 5500
Jul 2008StanfordUSD 5500

Total = $419408

Project Samarth's (formerly GDOHWA - Ganjam District Orthopaedically Handicapped Welfare Association) goals are

To help children with physical deformity ascertain his/her rights.
To educate parents, family members and the community to make the surroundings of the partially able conducive for his/her easy socializing.
To help them overcome discrimination and gain social support and respect.
To provide them education up to 5th standard
To help them get training on various vocations, so that they become self employed and self dependent
To aware the community about the utility of education and bring their participation in developing educational standard of the villages.
To create opportunity for the eligible children with disabilities to use their potential to successfully complete the standard of primary education.
All the school going age children with disability will enroll, attend and successfully complete primary education by 2010.
Project Samarth (formerly GDOHWA) was formed in the year 1986. It is registered as an association under Societies Registration Act.
To locate the P.W.Ds of different areas of Ganjam District.
To provide them necessary aids and appliances.
To move government for sanction of different schemes and loans for their self-employment and rehabilitation in the society.
To open special schools for the severely affected children with disability.
To encourage the partially handicapped children for main streaming
To educate and trained them in different trades for their rehabilitation.
To organize sports and cultural activities to raise their self confidence.
To undertake several health activities like eradication of Pulse Polio Immunization Programmes, HIV AIDS and Maleria Care etc.
To send the P.W.Ds to different institutions like NIRTAR- Olatpur, VRC-BBSR, NIOH- Kolkata for their necessary operation and health checkup.
Creating awareness among them about their rights
Undertaking different schemes for upliftment of unprivileged youths, women and children.
For development of environment, plantation and seedling is given priority.
Creating awareness for pollution free environment.
To take necessary steps for protection of wild life, animals and birds etc.
Jan 2023 Decision to stop funding
Sep 2022 Site_visit_report_in_person
Mar 2022 GDOHWA Education Rehabilitation for Amphan Affected regions
Mar 2022 Samarth Education Rehabilitation for Amphan Affected regions Phase 9 2022_2
Mar 2022 Samarth Education Rehabilitation for Amphan Affected regions Phase 9 2022_2
Mar 2022 Samarth Education Rehabilitation for Amphan Affected regions Phase 9 2022_2
Mar 2022 Samarth_medical_equipment_purchase_ampha_affected_region
Mar 2022 Samarth Education Rehabilitation for Amphan Affected regions Phase 9 2022_2
Mar 2022 Samarth_Education_Rehabilitation_for_Amphan_Affected_regions_Phase_9_2022_2
Feb 2022 Samarth_Education_Rehabilitation_for_Amphan_Affected_regions_Phase_9_2022_2
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