Pnuema Trust - Home for children

Project Brief: Aims to provide education, shelter and health services to children affected by HIV/AIDS poor.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: other (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: San Francisco
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Madhura Raghavan
Project Partner(s): Paulin Rani
Other Contacts: Madhura Raghavan
Project Address: , 9-2, Balaji Street, Shanthi Nagar,Shanthi Nagar,Madurai,
TAMIL NADU  625018
Tel: 0452-2660123
Stewarding Chapter: San Francisco
Jun 2020San FranciscoUSD 716
May 2020San FranciscoUSD 501
Nov 2019San FranciscoUSD 3580
Sep 2019San FranciscoUSD 5264
Aug 2018San FranciscoUSD 6683
Jun 2017San FranciscoUSD 14388
Jul 2016San FranciscoUSD 6752
Jun 2015San FranciscoUSD 6713
Jun 2014San FranciscoUSD 3625
Jun 2014San FranciscoUSD 5795
Jan 2014San FranciscoUSD 2335
May 2013San FranciscoUSD 2604
Sep 2012San FranciscoUSD 1460
Feb 2012San FranciscoUSD 1640
Mar 2011San FranciscoUSD 1750
Feb 2010San FranciscoUSD 1750

Total = $65556

Pneuma (Professional Network for the Emancipation of the Under-Privileged Masses) Trust, based out of Madurai in Tamilnadu, is an organization founded in 2003 that aims to create health, education, social, and legal awareness among the poor.

According to India’s National AIDS Control Organization, TamilNadu is identified as one of the six high prevalence states in India. Madurai district was identified as a high prevalence area by the Tamilnadu State AIDS Control society. (Unofficial estimates for the number of people living with HIV/AIDS in Madurai range from 96,000 – 140,000).

Based on their interaction with several voluntary organizations and government agencies working for the cause of the HIV/AIDS infected, Pneuma members found out that children of HIV/AIDS infected parents were suffering from lack of proper educational facilities and parental guidance. They also found that such children were being exposed to illegal activities and were at risk of being forced into sex trafficking. In order to help children from Families affected by AIDS (FAAs), Pneuma started a home for such children in January 2006. The home provides food, clothing, and shelter free of cost for the children. The children are also sent to schools to continue regular education, and are given non formal education at the home. They are mostly orphans and semi-orphans of HIV/AIDS infected parents.

Pneuma currently only houses boys between ages 5 – 16, as they do not have the resources to accommodate girls. Many of the children housed in Pneuma are from rural areas of Madurai and nearby districts namely, Theni, Sivaganangai and Thirunelveli, whose parents came to Madurai for treatment.

The prominent issues faced by children from FAAs are as follows:
- Psychological stress caused by illness and death of parents, and ill-treatment by fellow students, play mates, sometimes even teachers and relatives.
- Economic hardship due to decreasing family income and increasing medical expenses.
- Lack of love, attention and affection due to the loss of a parent.
- Discontinuing education resulting from economic pressure and the responsibility of caring for parents and siblings.
- Malnutrition

Some of the objectives of Pneuma Trust in helping such children include:
- Providing social, psychological support for the children affected by HIV/AIDS
- Providing formal and non formal education for children affected by HIV/AIDS
- Ensuring a protective environment for children affected by HIV/AIDS
- Enhancing the physical and mental condition of children affected by HIV/AIDS
Pneuma Trust (Professional Network for the Emancipation of the Under-privileged masses)” is a registered Socio-Educational Public Trust founded in the year 2003 (Redg.No.262/IV/2003). The Organization is working in the fields of Health, education, social and legal awareness.

Mrs. Paulin Neuma Rani, is the Managing Trustee, who also manages the home. She cooks for the children as well, with the help of an ayah. She has an MSW degree in addition to an MSc degree. She and two of her classmates from the MSW course founded the Trust. Soon after her MSW course, Paulin worked on an Action Research Project about parental care and care & support programs for HIV/AIDS patients; this project was implemented by an NGO called MSSSS in Madurai with the help of European Commission. This was her first direct exposure to HIV positive people.
Mr. M.P.Rajan, Paulin’s father, is a lawyer by profession and a founder of the Trust. He has donated the large 2-storey wedding hall in Shanthi Nagar in Madurai for this purpose, and provides for the basic maintenance of the home.
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