Humana People to People India - Sahibabad School

Project Brief: An academy for mostly children of migrant labourers in a UP Industrial Area near Delhi. It is run by Humana People to People India.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: children who are working

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Austin
Status: Support ended.
Project Steward: Itisha Tyagi
Project Partner(s): Karen Thorst
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , C/O Mr. Ishwer Dayal, Vidya Mandir Public School,,Karkarmodal Village, Site -4,,Sahibabad Industrial Area,
Tel: 91-11-32947734
Stewarding Chapter: Austin
Dec 2011AustinUSD 2649
Apr 2011AustinUSD 550
Nov 2010AustinUSD 3850
Feb 2010AustinUSD 2300
Feb 2009AustinUSD 1795
Jun 2008AustinUSD 2414

Total = $13558

The school is targeted towards working children, children of migrant laborer families, and children from near by slums where mostly both parents work. These children have either never gone to school before or have dropped out. The schools tries to encourage them to take up studying. The school curriculum covers materials for classes 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Thereafter they mainstream the children to government or private schools. The school is run by staff trained by Humana. The teachers also work as community mobilizers, in which role they interact closely with the children's parents, local employers, official and unofficial authorities in the community.
Asha supports the running expenses of the school, some furniture, teachers' salaries, quarterly health checkup for children and exposure visit expenses.
The goal of the project is to provide basic education to the children, to teach them good life practices and to encourage and enable them to join mainstream schools after standard 3rd.

Detailed Objectives:
• To assist 50 street children and their families, to enable these children to acquire their rights to life, health, education and security, and to rehabilitate these children so that they can learn and start to live with confidence and have a good life.
• To create a model of how to rehabilitate and integrate destitute children into the mainstream educational system, and equip them with confidence, for a good and promising future.
• To develop a supportive environment and health system in the community for enabling these children to get a good quality healthy life.
• To organize health camps quarterly for these 50 street
• To introduce life skills education as an effective tool to
empower these children to take initiative and take control of their lives, body and behaviour
• To provide one time supplement meal to these children one
time. This can only be provided if we have support from DPEP
(District Primary Education Program)
• To provide stationary and study material to these children.

Proposed Activities to achieve the above goals:
A. Recruit and train 2 Community Mobilizers
B. To identify the children
C. To build a good relationship with the children and their families
D. To create a support base in the broader community
E. To start and operate Study Centre
F. To provide health care to the children
G. Liaison with corporate
Humana People to People India is a non-Govt. organization which was established in India in 1998. Humana is mainly an implementation organization - meaning that they do surveys to establish need for intervention, train people to run the projects and get funding from other organizations/sponsors to run those projects. Humana People to People India is working in six states in India - Rajasthan, Haryana, Uttrakhand, Delhi, Tamilnadu and Pondicherri - on 18 social development projects which are based on six project models. These project models are 1) Comunity Development Project, 2) Academies for Street and Working Children (ASWC), 3) Green Action-Harit Sankalp, 4) HOPE/TCE (Total control of epidemic) project to tackle HIV/AIDS spread, 5) Training Centre for Global Development (TCGD), 6) Humana Micro Finance.
The phone number is of Humana's headquarters in Delhi.The phone number of the current principal can be obtained from the headquarters.
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