Society for Educational Exploration - Sita School

Project Brief: Sita school is an alternative school that tries to help each child reach it's potential through holistic, child centric education. The school has an emphasis on learning hands on and in art.
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: dropouts (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Bangalore
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Aanchal Singh
Project Partner(s): Jane Sahi
Other Contacts: Manish Babladi
Project Address: , Vishram,,Silvapura,Bangalore North,
Tel: 080-28466274
Stewarding Chapter: Bangalore
Jul 2017BangaloreINR 335000
Jul 2016BangaloreINR 340000
Mar 2016BangaloreINR 199000
Oct 2014BangaloreINR 196000
Oct 2014BangaloreINR 330000
Apr 2014BangaloreINR 196000
Oct 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 5287
Aug 2013BangaloreUSD 2407
Jan 2013BangaloreINR 250000
Nov 2012BangaloreINR 159900
Nov 2012BangaloreINR 250000
Aug 2012BangaloreINR 161600
Feb 2012BangaloreUSD 2555
Jun 2011BangaloreUSD 6352
Jan 2011Silicon ValleyINR 202000
Jul 2010BangaloreUSD 7076
Dec 2009BangaloreUSD 4391
Jul 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 4165
Jul 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 1100
Dec 2008BangaloreUSD 3650
May 2008BangaloreUSD 4375

Total = $98463.1

The school was started in 1975 to try to address the problem of many local children not going to school and the fact that many children dropped out of school. The reasons were varied and included economic factors and lack of flexibility in mainstream schools to accommodate children with special needs. The schools also were not attractive to children and if parents were not motivated to send their children to school the children rapidly left.

The school is structured in a way that children can enter at any level and are encouraged to learn at their own pace without pressure of exams or fear of failure and disapproval. Literacy is only one aspect of education. Learning that fosters solely the growth of the intellect is often fundamentally disconnected with life and therefore, oppressive to children. Sita School tries to create an environment which stimulates the child not just intellectually, but also emotionally, creatively and socially. We try to draw on the feeling and imagination of the child in a broad non-sectarian and spiritual sense. We try to cultivate a sense of wonder, an appreciation of the beautiful and the healthy. At the same time, we actively cultivate cooperation, sharing and respect for the other and towards nature ad material things, to foster a just and balanced way of life.

The school affords opportunities for many types of learning. In addition to language study, practical math, social studies and science, children learn clay work, tailoring, needlework, printing, first aid, food, health and home remedies, kitchen gardening. Theatre, art and craft lessons bring creativity into their learning experience. There has been a training in ceramics and screen printing but at present that is not functioning as a training center.
a) To enrol those children who for socio-economic reasons or learning problems have not found a place in the educational mainstream.This includes occasional short term entry of children of migrant workers or children of uprooted or unstable families.
b) To foster the physical welfare of the children
c) To provide the children enrolled in a flexible structure whereby children can enter school at any stage and are then encouraged to learn at their own pace without the pressure of examinations or the fear of failure
d) To teach the children within the framework of a syllabus that has evolved throughout the years and which builds on and extends the child’s own experience and knowledge of the immediate environment and community. The emphasis is on practical work, observation, experimentation and mindful learning.
e) To give opportunities for many types of learning, including various types of crafts, gardening, drama etc.
f) To encourage cooperation
g) To prepare some children to enter the educational mainstream at the high school stage, and to enable others to acquire some basic life- skills to improve the quality of life as working adults
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