Pudhiyadhor Charitable Trust - Pudiyador Centers

Project Brief: Pudiyador: A non-profit organization aimed at improving the lives of children living in poverty through education and social support, based in chennai. Asha Colorado supports centers in: Ramapuram (2 centers), Vannandurai, Urur Kuppam, and Saligramam in C
Project Type: Resource Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Colorado
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Aneetha Jayaraman
Project Partner(s): Senkathir Srinivasan
Other Contacts: Sripriya Padmanabhan
Project Address: , A8, 31 Motilal street,T. Nagar ,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600017
Tel: 011 91 9840173824
Stewarding Chapter: Colorado
Nov 2023ColoradoUSD 11309
Aug 2020ColoradoUSD 9584
Dec 2018ColoradoUSD 10378
Nov 2018CornellUSD 2061
Dec 2017ColoradoUSD 10793
Nov 2017CornellUSD 2980
Nov 2016San FranciscoUSD 22706
Jul 2016CornellUSD 4025
Dec 2015San FranciscoUSD 4584
Nov 2015ColoradoUSD 14860
Aug 2015CornellUSD 4896
Aug 2015San FranciscoUSD 2412
Jun 2015San FranciscoUSD 4728
Nov 2014ColoradoUSD 8735
May 2014San FranciscoUSD 5272
Jul 2013ColoradoUSD 9006
Jan 2013ColoradoUSD 4400
Sep 2012ColoradoUSD 4400
Mar 2010CornellUSD 2000
May 2009Ann-ArborUSD 7000

Total = $146129

Pudiyador aims in transforming impoverished communities by supporting education and vocational training of children, and promoting awareness at the community level, parental level and at the children level. It serves to provide a stimulating environment for the local children not only to learn from books and do their homework but also engage actively in extra-curricular activities like karate, music, dance, yoga, sports and crafts. It also covers medical insurance of the local individuals through contract based group insurance policy.

For more information on the project visit its homepage at www.pudiyador.org

E-Mail: info@pudiyador.org

UPDATE (2010): Support from Ann Arbor ended since 2010 due to project location (building) having issues with local community. Progress report from Pudiyador will be submitted in future as situation changes. Pudiyador is a viable organization on its own now, compared to when Ann Arbor decided to fund the project. The organization (Pudiyador Association for Community Empowerment, PACE) has its own fund generation as well as other centers in Chennai and its neighboring towns operating successfully.

Since 2015, Asha Cornell has started supporting its centers at Lotus Colony and Ururkuppam. For any questions regarding this aspect of the project, please contact Madhura Raghavan (mr823 AT cornell DOT edu).



For the underprivileged children, Pudiyador will provide a safe, interactive, fun and hands-on learning environment. Our education programs for the children will include:
(a) after-school academic help;
(b) extracurricular activities that provide exposure to art, theater, music, dance, and sports;
(c) character building through interactions with various role-models, story-telling and theatre workshops; individual counseling; awareness about social and environmental issues, etc.
Pudiyador's vision is to empower underprivileged sections of Indian society, primarily through an education program that fosters intellectual, social and cultural development of the children.

We also strive to increase awareness of values such as compassion, personal responsibility, and respect for others in the children and their families. In addition, we seek to provide the families with means to improve their social, economic and personal well-being through programs that include health care, substance abuse awareness, adult literacy classes, vocational training, and self-improvement workshops.

Pudiyador is a viable organization on its own now compared to when Ann Arbor decided to fund the project, and has its own fund generation as well as other centers in Chennai and its neighboring towns operating successfully.
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