Swadhar Institute for Development of Women and Children

Project Brief: Supporting education of children, adolescents and their parents in the slums of Bibvewadi area in Pune.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: other (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Chicago
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: VIVEK IYER
Project Partner(s): Anjali Bapat
Other Contacts: Karthik Narayan
Project Address: , Swadhar IDWC,96 Navi Peth,Pune,
Tel: 24533452
Stewarding Chapter: Chicago
Feb 2024ChicagoUSD 9896
Dec 2022ChicagoUSD 12074
Jun 2022ChicagoUSD 4929
Nov 2021ChicagoUSD 4824
Nov 2020ChicagoUSD 1490
Nov 2019ChicagoUSD 3944
Apr 2019ChicagoUSD 6080
Jul 2018ChicagoUSD 8688
Jul 2018ChicagoUSD 1006
Dec 2017ChicagoUSD 8625
Aug 2017ChicagoUSD 3962
Dec 2016ChicagoUSD 4733
Feb 2016ChicagoUSD 7066
Nov 2015ChicagoUSD 3270
Apr 2015ChicagoUSD 3480
Mar 2015ChicagoUSD 1952
Nov 2014ChicagoUSD 2797
Apr 2014ChicagoUSD 1340
Jan 2014ChicagoUSD 160
Nov 2013ChicagoUSD 3236
Jul 2013ChicagoUSD 2744
Dec 2012ChicagoUSD 3565
Aug 2012ChicagoUSD 2721
Feb 2012ChicagoUSD 2361
Sep 2011ChicagoUSD 1509
Jun 2011ChicagoUSD 4511
Oct 2010ChicagoUSD 1348
Aug 2010ChicagoUSD 1285
Mar 2010ChicagoUSD 1841
Oct 2009ChicagoUSD 1550
Jun 2009ChicagoUSD 1504
Jan 2009ChicagoUSD 1714
Sep 2008ChicagoUSD 1639

Total = $121844

Community center for underprivileged children and young adults.

Target group: drop-outs and corporation school-going children, adolescents and their parents
in the slum areas of Bibvewadi area in Pune.

The community center's goal is to provide several activities through the day as follows:
- The day will start with Abhyasika (study period) from 8am - 10am, supervised by a teacher.
- The Non-formal education classes and Balwadi will be held from 10am-2pm.
- Training for adolescents will be provided from 2pm-4pm. The vocation chosen for the training will vary depending on local needs and interests.
- A library service will be open from 4pm-6pm.
- Finally, the day will end with another session of Abhyasika from 6pm-8pm.

This model for the community center is currently being implemented at one location in Bibvewadi (sponsored by Wipro). This link has the photos of the center:
1) Abhyasika study class and reference library for low-income school going group
2) Non-Formal Education (NFE) classes for drop-out children with an aim to get admission into mainstream school.
3) Life skills education for adolescent girls
4) Library resources for home-lending to children, adolescents and parents
Swadhar's aim is to support women to become independent in spirit, in thought, in action and have full control over their lives rather than be the victim of others actions.

To take up cases of women who are physically or mentally ill-treated and offer them counseling as well as guidance to secure legal, medical and financial help whenever needed.

· To offer protection, support and shelter to women in distress in order to enable them to become self-reliant and financially independent.

· To provide financial support for education and training programs for girl students and women.

· To work for the development and welfare of the underprivileged children, both boys, and girls.

· To organize lectures and workshops to make the society aware of the atrocities committed against this underprivileged group.

· To create social awareness about a woman's independent identity and women's rights in co-operation with like-minded individuals/organizations.
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