Srividhya Center for Special Children

Project Brief: Asha-Minnesota is stewarding this project to cover salaries for special education teachers. The support for building costs will be stewarded by Asha-Toledo.
Project Type: Special Needs (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Minnesota
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward: Shweta Patil
Project Partner(s): Shanti Venkat
Other Contacts: Murali Burra
Project Address: , H.No 10-3, Plot No 41,East Marredpally,Secunderabad,
Tel: 040-27734515
Stewarding Chapter: Minnesota
Apr 2016MinnesotaUSD 49792
Jan 2016MinnesotaUSD 25284
Sep 2015MinnesotaUSD 24521
Jul 2015MinnesotaUSD 2977
Mar 2015MinnesotaUSD 24804
Jun 2014MinnesotaUSD 6059
Sep 2013ToledoUSD 71820
Jul 2013MinnesotaUSD 5101
Aug 2012MinnesotaUSD 3461
Jun 2011MinnesotaUSD 3270
Dec 2010MinnesotaUSD 3270
Apr 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 16964
Jul 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 16970
Jan 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 18460

Total = $272753

The goal of this project is to help Srividhya center move into its own premises in about 3-4years. Srividhya has been very successful in its fund raising efforts and would continue its efforts.
Asha Toledo is planning to help them in providing them permanent building for the school. This will reduce the expenses of rent and other utilities for the school and hostel facility for the students. The building will be near the city to support growing needs of children and it will help accommodating more differently abled students.
Earlier Asha-Silicon Valley has handled this project and helped them to cover recurring expenses for 2-3 years. It helped the organisation to support more number of disabled children who had to be turned back earlier due to lack of financial support.
Presently, Asha-Minnesota is stewarding this project to cover salaries for special education teachers. The support for building costs will be stewarded by Asha-Toledo.
* Enable a self-sustaining non-profit organization which serves mentally challenged children from all sections of the society.
* Help Srividhya center move into their permanent premises.
* Help Srividhya admit more children into their special school from under privileged sections of the society.
* Help Srividhya improve its curriculum and vocational training programs by linking it other organizations involved in the training of children with special needs.
Sri Vidya's Centre for Special Children was started on 6 th January 1999 with 8 children to impart specialized and intensive training for mentally retarded children above three years with the aim of making them self-reliant and ultimately to integrate them with the mainstream children. The center is a registered charitable trust and enjoys Sec-80G benefit under Income-Tax Act. Contributions to the school are also entitled for similar benefit. The school is managed by Executive Committee. Sri Vidhya lays special emphasis on early intervention in the training of mentally retarded children as it helps the children in reaching the optimal level of development. Sri Vidhya's strength has grown since inception from eight to 81 in 2007 and the center has started providing help to severely retarded children.
Ms. Shanti Venkat +91-9885521126
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