Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay

Project Brief: Shishur Sevay is an orphanage intended to serve as a community based, family type home, and a model of non-institutional care of orphaned girls.
Project Type: Child Home (description)
Primary Focus: orphans (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Cornell
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Nancy Khosla
Project Partner(s): Michelle Harrison
Other Contacts: Mihika Badjate
Project Address: , Childlife Preserve Shishur Sevay,17/2/7 Sahapur Main Road,Kolkata,
Tel: 011-91-33-498-1120
Stewarding Chapter: Cornell
Oct 2023ColoradoUSD 4888
Aug 2023CornellUSD 11816
Sep 2022ColoradoUSD 5068
Jun 2022CornellUSD 6017
Nov 2021ColoradoUSD 5027
Oct 2021CornellUSD 10110
Nov 2020ColoradoUSD 1730
Sep 2020CornellUSD 1368
Jul 2020CornellUSD 12543
Jun 2020ColoradoUSD 2319
Nov 2019ColoradoUSD 4027
Aug 2019CornellUSD 3969
Oct 2018ColoradoUSD 5536
Jun 2018CornellUSD 4008
Sep 2017CornellUSD 5995
Sep 2017ColoradoUSD 5363
Nov 2016CornellUSD 5074
May 2016DelawareUSD 3332
Jul 2015CornellUSD 5038
Nov 2014DelawareUSD 3356
Jun 2014CornellUSD 6806
Apr 2013CentralNJUSD 14787
Oct 2011CentralNJUSD 13363
Feb 2011CentralNJUSD 11020
Jul 2010CentralNJUSD 6867

Total = $159427

Shishur Sevay is an orphanage intended to serve as a community based, family type home, and a model of non-institutional care of orphaned girls.The orphanage home is about 1200 sq. ft, which is adequate for the 13 children there now.The children attend the government school in the locality. They also participate in community events, such as sports and festivals.

Shishur Sevay also provides classes for the children for six hours a day in addition to their school. The handicapped children receive eight hours a day of education/therapy. Cultural enrichment is given in evenings with dance, singing, and mime. The children are being educated in Bengali medium so they will be literate and expressive in their mother tongue. They are also receiving classes in English so they will be bilingual.

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1. Provide safety, health care, education, and nurturing to orphan girls, those who have lost contact with family and community, and have been declared abandoned by the government.
2. Provide same for orphaned handicapped children and work to reach their fullest potential in quality of life, communication, mobility, and literacy.
3. To intensively educate orphan girls so they can reach their fullest potential. For some this means higher education; others will require vocational training; girls will also be raised with household work so they can function well in their future families, and as mothers.
4. Identify ways to educate older girls who enter educational system far behind their age peers.
5. To give children who have had lives of violence a chance to be children and to feel nurtured.
6. To raise orphan children with disabilities as part of normal family life and to encourage the relationships and bonding between the regular girls and the ones with handicaps.
Shishur Sevay received its registration as a Society under the West Bengal Societies Act XXVI of 1961, on 14 June 2006. Shishur Sevay does not have FCRA, but has just been approved for 80G tax exemption. The children arrived in February 2007 by order of the Child Welfare Committee.

Shishur Sevay represents a long term dream of Dr. Michelle Harrison who has been sponsoring children in West Bengal schools over the last seven years, and has also been an Asha volunteer with Asha CNJ and Kolkata. As she is a foreigner, she cannot have a governance role in the Society, but she has brought together a group of committed and dedicated Indians (including her Indian born daughter) to serve the children through their leadership and governance. Dr. Harrison stays at Shishur Sevay, sharing the floor mats with the children at night.
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