Project Brief: Movement for Oppressed peoples Total Health, Education and Reformation (MOTHER) founded by 4 students in March 2000 for the upliftment of children from the Dalit community (Adi Dravidars).
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children from slums (description)

Secondary Focus: dropouts

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Salt Lake City
Status: Support ended.
Project Steward: Aashi Chaturvedi
Project Partner(s):
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Flat No T-2, Akshaya Flats, No. 55, Irusappa St,Triplicane,Chennai,
TAMIL NADU  600005
Tel: 044-28440587
Stewarding Chapter: Salt Lake City
Dec 2007Salt Lake CityUSD 2500

Total = $2500

Asha will support mobile science camps, stationery for students, construction of center, salaries of teachers and co-ordinators and college fees for students.
The aims and objectives of the organisation are:
1.Uplift the condition of people living in Slums and remote villages by means of Education.
2.Conduct tuition classes and provide inspiration for Students to aspire for higher ambitions.
3.Create role models from impoverished areas. Morality and Mind Control training imparted. These role models are professionals and other graduates.
4.Form an organised youth group in Slums and remote villages. These youth groups will work for the Educational upliftment of the community.
5.These organised youth groups will spread their activities in other surrounding areas. Hence there will be a network of all young people who will work in a very constructive manner.
6.Carry the message that complete education is the be all and end all of life. This uplifts a person and makes him contribute to the society in a positive manner.
7.Our activities will channelise the entire community into being positive and constructive.
Founded by 4 students in March 2000.,