Dakshinayan CHEO

Project Brief: Dakshinayan is Asha's effort to increase literacy rate and reduce dropout level in tribal regions of Jharkand.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: Support ended.
Project Steward: Madhavi Cherukuri
Project Partner(s): Siddharth Sanyal
Other Contacts: Chandramouli Balasubramanian
Project Address: , ,,Cheo, Sundar Pahari Block,
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Sep 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 4300
Jan 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 5038

Total = $9338

Dakshinayan was established in 1992 in the tribal region of Jharkand where the majority of the population is from the tribes of Paharia, Santhals and Kols. They provide formal education to the children from these tribes and prepare them for conventional schools. Since all these children are the first generation to go to a school and do not have any support at home, Dakshinayan teachers try to inculcate an interest for learning among the children by teaching partly through play.
Asha is supporting the building of roof for three classrooms and also teacher salaries for the year 2008.
Dakshinayan was started to introduce the concept of going to school and the importance of education to the tribal population, and to prepare these kids for conventional schools. If not for this project, these parents would never send their kids to the Govt schools and even if they do, the kids were not prepared and would drop out the very first year.