TRUWDES - School for Tribal Children, Manjampatti

Project Brief: Primary school in Manjampatti village, a tribal hamlet in Kodai hills, TamilNadu, educating about 60 tribal children from 3 hamlets with no other schools nearby.
Project Type: Residential School (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: girls

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Silicon Valley
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward: RANJANI KUMAR
Project Partner(s): Alexander J
Other Contacts: Vidhya Govinadraju
Project Address: , Vallalar Thai Tamil Palli,Keelanavayal Post, Manavanur via,Ma.Manjampatti,
TAMIL NADU  624103
Tel: 011919360 523555
Stewarding Chapter: Silicon Valley
Jun 2018Silicon ValleyUSD 6177
Mar 2018Silicon ValleyUSD 7074
Nov 2017Silicon ValleyUSD 7091
Mar 2017Silicon ValleyUSD 6511
Oct 2016Silicon ValleyUSD 6341
Dec 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 6001
Aug 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 6180
Dec 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 6410
Jun 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 6735
Dec 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 5370
Jun 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 5617
Dec 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 4849
Jun 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 5022
Dec 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 4042
Aug 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 4562
Dec 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 5547
Oct 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 5547
Oct 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 10229
Apr 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 8100
Nov 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 8000

Total = $125405

Trichirapalli Rural and Urban Welfare Development Educational Society (TRUWDES) in Trichy, TamilNadu has been running a school for tribal children in Manjampatti village, a tribal hamlet in Kodai hills, for the past five years targeting tribal children from 3-5 villages/hamlets nearby. There are no link roads, no electricity (except some solar lamps), no schools, no ration shop and no shops in these villages. The only way to reach the villages is by trekking about 3-4 hours through reserved forests, after taking permission from the forest department.

Manjampatti, the main village in this hilly area, and the villages nearby are predominantly inhabited by tribals or "Adivasis" who live off the land. Being in the midst of reserved forests, the people are forced to protect their crops from wild elephants, bison, wild boar, deer, etc. Once they harvest their crops (mostly just paddy), they have to hire ponies to take them down to Udumalpet (closest big town, about 50km away) and sell them there. The main village has about 60-70 families.
Help bring about generational change

Create first-generation of literate/educated in these communities

Empower them with basic education to be less susceptible to
exploitation and smuggling activities

Create an awareness in community about education and prevalent
practices - childhood marriages, bonded child labor

Work towards government involvement in community, school.
TRUWDES is a non-profit, social service society registered with Government of TamilNadu based out of Trichy (TamilNadu). It has been running child care centers, old age home, day care center for the aged and implementing awareness generation since its inception in 1991. It has been running the school in Manjampatti village since 1999.

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