The Covenant Centre for Developmant - Balavihar

Project Brief: A program for providing holistic education and English language training to urban lower middle class children primarily through activity-based learning. Asha funds teachers conducting the programme and libraries that supplement learning activities.
Project Type: Non-Formal Educational Centers (description)
Primary Focus: children of migrant workers (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: Seattle
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Lakshmi Kumar TV
Project Partner(s): Chitra Krishnamurthy
Other Contacts: Keerthi Surapaneni
Project Address: , G2, Prakruti, Thanushree Properties,Vijayashree Layout, Mylasandra,Bangalore,
Tel: 91 9342189191
Stewarding Chapter: Seattle
Jun 2015SeattleUSD 5871
Oct 2013SeattleUSD 5453
Sep 2012SeattleUSD 5675
Jan 2012SeattleUSD 3030
May 2011SeattleUSD 1720
May 2011SeattleUSD 1720
Sep 2010SeattleUSD 3375
Feb 2010SeattleUSD 3275
Feb 2009SeattleUSD 3050
Sep 2008SeattleUSD 3275
Mar 2008SeattleUSD 4100
Aug 2007SeattleUSD 4000

Total = $44544

The Balavihar project is designed for providing holistic education and improving quality of English language learning for urban lower middle class children enrolled in poorly equipped urban schools. Many government schools lack trained staff for teaching English language (in some cases the English teacher is not capable of speaking English). In many of these schools children are often subject to 'rote learning' and the learning process is confined to the material present in the textbooks. In addition to degrading the quality of education, such a process allows no room for children to explore their curiosity and express their creativity. As a result children tend to lose interest in learning. The project attempts to addresses some of these issues through activity based non-formal learning programs.

In government schools, the primary focus of the program is to improve quality of English language learning. In private schools, the primary goal is to make learning an enjoyable activity, thereby helping children express their creativity. The learning programs in all of the schools are supplemented and supported by small libraries.

The infrastructure for the project mainly consists of basic library furniture, books and other learning materials stocked in the libraries. The libraries are located in a dedicated room in the participating private schools. The learning activities are held either in classrooms or in dedicated 'activity rooms' in the participating schools.

As of September 2013 the project covers five schools.

The English language training program is conducted in two government schools and a private center serving children from another government school. The program consists of exercises in reading comprehension, writing, speaking, conversations, listening to stories and songs. In addition to the English training, the instructors also conduct non-formal learning activities such as needlework, drawing, indoor games and puzzles in the government schools.

Non formal learning activities are regularly conducted in two private schools. Examples of activities are:
* Songs, chants and yogasanas
* Creative writing, poetry writing
* Making puppets, simple toys,games
* Art and craft activities
* Drama and theatre activities
* Clay work

There are six teachers in the program. Although the project covers more than four hundred students all of the programs are conducted for small groups of 20-30 students to allow the instructors to provide individualized attention and care.The quarterly reports and annual reports provide a full description of the activities and time table of the program in each of the schools.

Asha's support
The project is almost entirely financed by Asha. The recurring expenses are salaries for teachers, conveyance for teachers for local transport, field trips expenses, and periodic procurement of books and other learning material, and . Initial expenses include books procurement and basic furniture for libraries.
Provide holistic education and English training to urban lower middle class children who are otherwise subject to 'rote learning'. Specifically help the children in the following areas:
Reading, writing, and conversing in English.
Cultivating reading habits.
Enhancing communication skills.
Facilitating individual expressions.
Providing opportunity for overall personality development.
Enhancing the quality of learning.
Emotional Freedom Technique.
Covenant Center for Development (CCD) is a Madurai based non-profit organization. CCD has entrusted the Balavihar project to Ms. Chitra Krishamurthy, a veteran teacher experienced in imparting non-formal education.

Ms. Chitra Krishnamurthy is the prinicipal coordinator of the project. She has been involved in the area of non-formal/alternate education for over 20 years. She was closely associated as a teacher in `Vikasana' - a school on the outskirts of Bangalore for children from villages, deprived of quality education. Besides offering learning opportunities for children, the school also provides basic amenities of stay and supplementary meals. The project has been funded by ASHA. Ms. Chitra has also been a volunteer facilitator at th Nivedita Vidya Peeta, a school for slum children, run by the Sharada Mutt, Bangalore Centre. She has been teaching children needle craft and also language skills inlcuding reading and story telling besides music and chanting.
Principal coordinator of Balavihar.
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