Seva Mandir - Residential Learning Camp

Project Brief: Residential Learning Camps ensure quality education to out of school children from very poor remote and tribal locations. The objective of these camps is to enable out of school children “to be able to read and write independently and with comprehension".
Project Type: Alternative Education (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: children of migrant workers

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Danbury
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Naheed Qaisar
Project Partner(s): Aarti Shah
Other Contacts: Ridhima Mhapsekar
Project Address: , Seva Mandir,Old Fatehpura,Udaipur,
Tel: 2942451041
Stewarding Chapter: Danbury
Aug 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 20662
Feb 2021Silicon ValleyUSD 20917
Dec 2020DanburyUSD 6873
Sep 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 3165
Sep 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 17346
Feb 2020Silicon ValleyUSD 20948
Nov 2019DanburyUSD 8486
Oct 2019Silicon ValleyUSD 19756
Mar 2019Silicon ValleyUSD 20433
Dec 2018DanburyUSD 14843
Apr 2018Silicon ValleyUSD 28342
Nov 2017DanburyUSD 13607
Jun 2017Silicon ValleyUSD 28659
Nov 2016Silicon ValleyUSD 22996
Nov 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 23324
Jan 2015Silicon ValleyUSD 19228
Aug 2014Silicon ValleyUSD 19433
Oct 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 15536
Jul 2013Silicon ValleyUSD 16014
Sep 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 15007
May 2012Silicon ValleyUSD 17893
Jun 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 17278
Sep 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 1
Aug 2010Silicon ValleyUSD 20868
Aug 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 19850
Jan 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 19550
May 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 9858
Oct 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 9858

Total = $470731

Due to poverty and other vulnerabilities like having a single or no parent, elder girls, working children, many children are unable to attend a regular school. Most of these children are engaged in cattle grazing and domestic chores. Based on the past residential learning camp data, they found that the main reasons for dropping out were school related issues (more than 50 % children) and for never been to school -the main reason was parents’ lack of interest and work responsibilities at home. Regular schooling for such children is almost impossible unless there are programs which meet their specific vulnerability. Given this backdrop, Seva Mandir has been running residential learning camps to ensure quality education to out of school children of very poor remote and tribal locations of Udaipur.
Since the program’s inception in year 2000, about 10,000 children have benefited from it. For most of these children, the camps were the only education they got. Based on the learning herein, they were able to keep better accounts when they migrated or teach their younger siblings. About 70% camps passed out children are continuing their education from last 3 years by enrolling in government schools.
Asha for Education, Danbury chapter has been supporting 50 children for one residential camp since 2017.
(1) Promote primary education in rural/tribal communities
(2) to ensure basic reading and writing skills with comprehension amongst children of 6-14 age groups
(3) enable communities to demand quality education from the government
Seva Mandir is one of India’s leading development nonprofit organizations. It currently works with 4,35,000 people across 1,300 villages of southern Rajasthan, where over 70% of the population relies on subsistence agriculture and most people live below poverty line. There is project contact in about another 600 villages. For 50 years, Seva Mandir has worked in partnership with these people, to improve their material well-being, and to build stronger and more ethical communities.
Through its programs on governance, health, education, sustainable use of natural resources, women’s empowerment, youth development, child care and social enterprise, Seva Mandir makes a tangible and transformative impact. It reaches out to 47,000 disadvantaged children through quality education, 11,000 women and children through health services; providing food security and sustainable livelihoods to thousands of families achieve through rehabilitation of hundreds of acres of land; and financial independence and gender equality to 11,000 women through women’s groups and lending cooperatives. Seva Mandir was established in 1969 by late Dr. Mohan Singh Mehta as a NGO for improving the living conditions of tribals around Udaipur district in southern Rajasthan.
Silicon Valley also supports this project, please contact Biju Odayammatatath( its steward for further details
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