Kaivalya Trust - Kedi Residential High School for Tribal Girls

Project Brief: Our dream for these tribal girls is not only to give them an opportunity to enhance their self-esteem by intellectual and mental progress but also to empower them to lead a self-reliant and fulfilling life.
Project Type: Residential School (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: NYC/NJ
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Tushar Shah
Project Partner(s): Aparna Kadikar
Other Contacts: Shailen Mistry
Project Address: , Kaivalya Trust,Tithal,Dharampur,
GUJARAT  396006
Tel: (02632) 240550
Stewarding Chapter: NYC/NJ
Oct 2018NYC/NJUSD 18059
Nov 2017NYC/NJUSD 18859
Nov 2016NYC/NJUSD 11810
Feb 2016NYC/NJUSD 16416
Dec 2015NYC/NJUSD 14362
Nov 2014NYC/NJUSD 11492
Jan 2014NYC/NJUSD 9798
Apr 2013NYC/NJUSD 16924
Dec 2011NYC/NJUSD 16346
Dec 2010NYC/NJUSD 19300
Apr 2010NYC/NJUSD 7578
Dec 2009NYC/NJUSD 20000
Nov 2009St. LouisUSD 2500
Dec 2008St. LouisUSD 2500
Nov 2008NYC/NJUSD 22000
Sep 2008NYC/NJUSD 16750
Jan 2008NYC/NJUSD 8000

Total = $232694

We have a different vision for the girl students of ‘Kedi’, since the conditions, the culture; the society and the set of problems of this forest covered region are vastly different from those of the city area.

Our dream for these tribal girls is not only to give them an opportunity to enhance their self-esteem by intellectual and mental progress but also to empower them to lead a self-reliant and fulfilling life. We wish that they aspire for as much higher education as possible after successfully clearing their exam of standard 10 of the Gujarat Board. We want them to make meaningful contributions in their society and have a distinct identity so that they can skilfully handle the responsibility of educating their future generations.

We wish that they leave school with an exposure to the life-enriching literature and fine arts, and not only with plain education and the ability to earn their living. They should leave with an innate desire to create an inclusive and progressive society.
--- Core Philosophy - The core philosophy of Kedi Residential School is to provide relevant formal education along with vocational training system which can prepare them to work and live in their own villages. Thus, to use literacy as a vehicle of social mobility and as a method for increasing market value for employment. The ability to take independent decision and the desire to take personal responsibility are the major objectives of the education.

--- Area Profile – The catchments area, Dharampur and Kaparada Talukas, are pronounced backward area. 95% of its total population inhabits hamlets which are located 3 to 5 and more kms away from each other. There are some Primary Schools and only 3 to 4 High Schools in the vicinity around Dharampur.

--- Rational - Even today, in the tribal communities of Dharampur and Dang Districts the parents are giving negligible importance to the girls’ education due to economical and social limitations. The sporadically and distantly located High Schools lead in the number of dropouts. Hostel facilities are extremely scarce.

--- Education - Based on this philosophy, using alternative inter-active teaching methods, the school will follow Gujarat State School Board curriculum. All the students will appear for the final Board Examinations.

--- Self Reliance - In order to help them become self reliant, along with education, we will provide vocational guidance. It will help make their families economically more self sufficient. Such vocational skills will enhance their self confidence, self esteem and help develop independent personality.

--- Vocational Training - During the courses of four years, we will offer them following vocational training.

--- Agriculture – Students will learn about different types of soils, various crops, disease of plant and their treatments, cross breed seeds, grafting, types of fertilizers, water and soil testing, proper storage of food grains, awareness of harmful effects of chemical fertilizer and pesticides.

--- Nursery - Prepare saplings, drip irrigation, landscape design, wormy culture, green house, grafting, and use of natural fertilizer.

--- Food Products – Various Pickles, Use of Solar Cooker for daily cooking and to prepare Dried Fruits Based Products, Milk Products, Herbs Drying, Assortment of Snacks and Mukhavas.

--- Nursing/Medical Assistance – There is an acute need for qualified well trained nurses. We have a project in the pipe line to start nurses training program in near future.

--- Craft and Bamboo Products – Decorative items for events decoration, Handy Crafts and encouragement to local folk arts as well as basic carpentry, construction skills, appliance repair and use of various basic tools.

--- Machine and Hand Embroidary –Jerdoshi and hand embroidery stitching.

--- Cutting and stitching - Cutting and stitching variety of dresses, Bags, Hand Bags and Soft Toys Making

--- Computer – Provide basic working knowledge of MS Office - Word, Excel, and Power Point – as well as basic graphic programs.

--- Marketing – We will also provide hands on marketing training for their products.
Kaivalya Trust is a group of friends talented in various fields of life. The group aspires to provide a supportive and conducive environment that would benefit the Adivasis of Dharampur Taluka [Dist. Valsad, South Gujarat, India] to progress educationally, economically, socially and thus to bridge the wide gap between rural-urban society. With this view the trust organizes talks, seminars, workshops, camps and teachers training activities.
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