ARPAN Society - Awantika Vidya Bhawan

Project Brief: Awantika Vidya Bhawan is a Nursery and KG1-12 school run by the ARPAN Society. The school imparts formal education to poor children in villages ~30km from Bhopal. ASHA is currently funding teachers at the school.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: other (description)

Secondary Focus: creating resources

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Berkeley
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Deepali Jain
Project Partner(s): Vandana Shastri
Other Contacts: Poojan Karnik
Project Address: , E1/157 ,Area Colony,Berkeley,
Tel: 91 9329262121
Stewarding Chapter: Berkeley
May 2020BerkeleyUSD 10496
Dec 2018BerkeleyUSD 20532
Dec 2017BerkeleyUSD 18720
Nov 2016BerkeleyUSD 13920
Dec 2015BerkeleyUSD 11489
Nov 2014BerkeleyUSD 15188
Nov 2013BerkeleyUSD 1798
Apr 2013BerkeleyUSD 11164
Jun 2011BerkeleyUSD 15000
Sep 2010BerkeleyUSD 9529
Mar 2010BerkeleyUSD 19162
Nov 2009BerkeleyUSD 4044
Dec 2008BerkeleyUSD 6000
Dec 2007BerkeleyUSD 6800

Total = $163842

Awantika Vidya Bhawan is a Nursery and KG1-12 school run by the Awanti Rehabilitation Programmes and Action Networking (ARPAN) Society, an NGO based in Bhopal, MP. The school imparts formal education to ~500 students from twelve villages within a 12 mile radius ~30km from Bhopal. Students are from poor families and are mostly the children of farmers and laborers. Most of these children would otherwise not attend school, as the local government schools are in poor condition and their families cannot afford private schools.

The school provides:

A supportive atmosphere with qualified and caring teachers

Free transportation to and from school (without transportation students would have to walk several miles to and from school)

Medical Care

Previously ASHA has funded teachers, supplies, and petrol for the van that takes the students to& from school.

Currently ASHA is funding the teachers at the school
ARPAN society is an organization, started in 2004, whose aims include imparting quality basic education to the rural poor children
ARPAN society is an organization, started in 2004, whose aims are:

1. to impart quality basic education to the rural poor children

2. to reduce the dropout rate of school children at the primary school level

3. to provide well-trained teachers for these students

4. to provide basic teaching tools to teachers

5. to teach job-oriented vocational courses as a part of the formal education

6. to provide these children with the avenues to acheive their goals in their life and be useful to their family and society.

7. to train rural women to become self-dependent by training them in various skills such as tailoring, sewing, zariwork, and crafts

To achieve this goal ARPAN Society runs a PRIMARY-SECONDARY SCHOOL upto class eleven, and has plans to increase - through 12th grade.
Awantika Vidya Bhawan is situated in the Village Samardha, ~30 km from Bhopal
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