Jeevan Gnanodhaya School for the Deaf

Project Brief:
Project Type: Children with Disabilities (description)
Primary Focus: children with disabilities (description)

Secondary Focus: vocational training

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: UIUC
Status: completed - sustainable
Project Steward: Ankur Jain
Project Partner(s): Mr. Devarajan
Other Contacts: Mrs. Meera V.
Project Address: , C-46, 5th Cross Street,Anna Nagar,,
TAMIL NADU  603001
Tel: 8122760490
Stewarding Chapter: UIUC
Jun 2014UIUCUSD 4371
May 2014SeattleUSD 18860
Jan 2014SeattleUSD 4056
Dec 2013UIUCUSD 3953
Jul 2013UIUCUSD 2556
May 2013SeattleUSD 15933
May 2013UIUCUSD 4541
Nov 2012UIUCUSD 4000
Jun 2012UIUCUSD 5000
Jun 2012SeattleUSD 7520
Jun 2012SeattleUSD 7449
Feb 2012AustinUSD 1859
Dec 2011SeattleUSD 1620
Dec 2011UIUCUSD 4740
Dec 2011SeattleUSD 6000
Aug 2011AustinUSD 2776
Jul 2011UIUCUSD 5387
May 2011SeattleUSD 2955
May 2011SeattleUSD 5780
Feb 2011AustinUSD 391
Feb 2011AtlantaUSD 4000
Feb 2011UIUCUSD 3200
Nov 2010SeattleUSD 8470
Sep 2010UIUCUSD 3500
Aug 2010AtlantaUSD 4000
Jul 2010AustinUSD 4200
Jun 2010UIUCUSD 3500
Jun 2010SeattleUSD 7460
Mar 2010UIUCUSD 1650
Jan 2010AtlantaUSD 3420
Jan 2010AustinUSD 1230
Dec 2009UIUCUSD 4557
Dec 2009SeattleUSD 7425
Aug 2009UIUCUSD 2307
Jul 2009AtlantaUSD 3800
Jun 2009UIUCUSD 2250
Jun 2009AustinUSD 3445
Jun 2009SeattleUSD 7260
Jan 2009SeattleUSD 7110
Dec 2008UIUCUSD 3560
Nov 2008AtlantaUSD 276
Nov 2008Work an HourUSD 1724
Nov 2008Work an HourUSD 8701
Oct 2008Work an HourUSD 3000
Jul 2008UIUCUSD 3670
Apr 2008SeattleUSD 8673
Feb 2008AtlantaUSD 7000
Jan 2008SeattleUSD 8119
Aug 2007UIUCUSD 1380
Jul 2007UIUCUSD 6300
Apr 2007SeattleUSD 8119
Jan 2007CornellUSD 2000
Dec 2006SeattleUSD 13830
Dec 2006CornellUSD 2000
Dec 2005CornellUSD 2000
Dec 2005SeattleUSD 15116
Jul 2004SeattleUSD 6550
Oct 2003SeattleUSD 2334
Jun 2003BostonUSD 1000
Jun 2003SeattleUSD 8600
Dec 2002SeattleUSD 9000
Dec 2001Silicon ValleyUSD 7900
Dec 2000BostonUSD 1675
Dec 2000Silicon ValleyUSD 6500
Dec 2000Work an HourUSD 15500
Dec 1999BostonUSD 4650

Total = $351708

Several Asha chapters have been involved with Jeevan Gnanodaya over the past many years. Some completed and ongoing initiatives of Asha's relationship with Jeevan Gnanodaya are given below:


# Hearing aids: behind-the-ear type for ITI students, and regular pocket type for all others.
# Construction and establishment of the ITI.
# New school van, furniture and other school supplies.

Recurring Expenses:

# Salaries of teaching and non teaching staff.
# Food and medical expenses of the children.
The goals of Jeevan Gnanodaya school for the deaf are primarily two-fold:

# Provide formal education to children till Class X, with necessary speech therapy along the way. Preference is given to students hailing from very poor families and to children who have profound hearing losses (meaning a hearing threshold of close to 90dB).

# Vocational (Industrial) Training: Skills such as turning, fitting etc. -- achieved via the ITI.
The focus at Jeevan Gnanodaya is children who have hearing impairment. Established in 1989, over the last two decades, the organization has identified children with acute hearing disability whose adversity is compounded by severe economic constraints. While providing hearing aids & other learning materials, the need for formal education at the center is addressed through oral/speech therapy. Earlier, such students were limited to jobs with relatively low salaries. But currently, through an initiative along the lines of an Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Jeevan Gnanodaya has helped students graduate with a vocational skill set, making them highly competitive, and widened their spectrum of choices to include employment in factories with better remuneration.

In recent years, Jeevan Gnanodaya has also tried to go a step forward in implementing innovations in their teaching philosophy. Fundamental research in the domain of education has established the superiority of a bilingual approach to teaching, wherein mastery of one language gives children a greater chance to learn a second one. For people who can hear/speak properly, this first language is commonly the mother tongue; for deaf children, the use of signs (e.g., ASL, ISL, etc.) has been suggested. The above philosophy, though successfully implemented in the West, comes at a significant cost in terms of trained professionals & teaching materials. The problems are enhanced in a country like India with multiple languages, varied culture & lack of qualified teachers. Jeevan Gananodaya is slowly beginning to take baby steps in this direction, and has been actively recruiting teachers who are professionally trained in imparting sign language education. Currently, as a pilot exercise, they are restricting the use of sign language for English lessons only.

Here are some videos from the project:

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