Mahila Sarvangeen Utkarsh Mandal - Parner Pre-schools for Tribal Children

Project Brief: The Parner Project serves 125 children in 5 tribal hamlets of the Bhil and the Thakkar indigenous tribes. The preschools are located in the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
Project Type: Pre-Primary (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Minnesota
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Rushil Khadilkar
Project Partner(s): Ramesh Awasthi
Other Contacts: Sahana Mangipudi
Project Address: , 41-46, Kubera Vihar B-1,Gadital, HADAPSAR,Pune,
Tel: 91-20-2699-5625
Stewarding Chapter: Minnesota
Apr 2023MinnesotaUSD 3346
Apr 2022MinnesotaUSD 2402
Jul 2021MinnesotaUSD 2532
May 2020MinnesotaUSD 4642
Oct 2019MinnesotaUSD 2638
Jul 2019MinnesotaUSD 2783
Mar 2019MinnesotaUSD 1457
Jun 2018MinnesotaUSD 2234
Dec 2017MinnesotaUSD 2027
Oct 2016MinnesotaUSD 2533
Feb 2016MinnesotaUSD 2333
Jul 2015MinnesotaUSD 2353
Dec 2014MinnesotaUSD 2398
Nov 2013MinnesotaUSD 2695
Jul 2013MinnesotaUSD 2340
Dec 2012MinnesotaUSD 2194
Aug 2012MinnesotaUSD 1600
Feb 2012MinnesotaUSD 1700
Jul 2011MinnesotaUSD 1875
Nov 2009Silicon ValleyUSD 3759
Sep 2009MinnesotaUSD 1115
Dec 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 3675
Apr 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 3950
Oct 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 3950

Total = $62531

Parner pre-schools is a project stewarded by Asha for Education, Minnesota and funded by Asha for Education, Silicon Valley . Asha for Education currently provides for the education of around 125 children of Bhil and Thakkar tribes in Ahmednagar district in Parner taluka.

+ 5 hamlets.
+ Around 125 children.
+ 1 teacher per school to lead interpretive / learning activities.
+ 1 assistant teacher/helper per school to persuade children to attend and to run creche services after school period is over.
+ 1 program coordinator to recruit and manage staff and to conduct ongoing awareness programs for + parents to foster demand for education.
+ 4 training sessions/year for each employee to develop skills
Literacy rate > 30 years age group is 5% in this tribal area. Children in illiterate societies do not have role models and an environment conducive to the education process. Pre-schools are particularly useful in fostering an awareness and interest in education in communities where parents are unable to provide the preparation for primary school. In the absence of pre-schools, children find the first foray into government primary schools daunting and drop-out rates are high.

We are working to provide the preparation for primary school to help more children get further along in their education.
MASUM works in the rural areas of Purandar Block, Pune District and Parner Block, Ahmednagar District of Maharashtra State in India with the oppressed, marginalised and minority groups with an emphasis on their participation in all activities and programmes. It aims at creating awareness about various forms of exploitation and abuse faced by the underprivileged and the minority groups in the community and help them organize themselves to deal with these problems. MASUM is a development group with a feminist perspective and a democratic approach. MASUM works on the issues of Health, Domestic Violence, Women's Resource Development and Self-Employment, with rights approach.
Project to be administered by Masum:
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