Project Brief: Residential school for the Santhali tribal children - to be supported partly by the community through the fishery project
Project Type: Community Based Interventions (description)
Primary Focus: children of dalits/tribals (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston/MIT
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Sangram Birje
Project Partner(s): Lajroosh Swaran
Other Contacts: Alka Arora
Project Address: , Jaher Development Samiti, Bagjobra,Village Bodra, Tola Bagjobra,P.O. Churchu,
Tel: 6546 232168
Stewarding Chapter: Boston/MIT
Sep 2010Boston/MITUSD 4000
Nov 2009Boston/MITUSD 4000
Jul 2008Boston/MITUSD 4043
Jan 2008Boston/MITUSD 4000
Apr 2006Boston/MITUSD 2900
Dec 2005Boston/MITUSD 1329
Mar 2003Boston/MITUSD 2300
Dec 2003Boston/MITUSD 100
Dec 2001Boston/MITUSD 1500
Dec 2000Boston/MITUSD 1500

Total = $25672

Jaher Development Samiti was formed by Santals and works in the areas of health, education and development in the churchu and mandu blocks of Hazaribagh dist, Bihar. Emphasis is placed on incorporating their language and culture in the school so that there is no identity crisis and a sense of lack of self-worth. Everyone on the Jaher Development Committee except Jahermuni is a Santhal.
Education and awareness amongst the tribal population in a manner sensitive to their language and culture
Jaher Development Samiti was formed by Santals working in Health, Devlopment and Education in the Churchu and Mandu blocks of Hazaribag dist.

Tel# is of Mr. Lajroosh Swaran. His Address is
Village Kasyadih,
PO Charhi, Pin 825336
Dist. Hazaribagh, Jharkhand