Project Brief: Prerana started working in the Kamathipura red light areas of Mumbai in 1986. It focuses on stopping seocnd generation trafficking of children of sex workers and works with a rights based approach to protect children and their mothers.
Project Type: Residential School (description)
Primary Focus: children of sex workers (description)

Secondary Focus: remedial education

Area: Urban
Supporting Chapter Contact: UIUC
Status: completed - requirements ended
Project Steward: Ramcharan Dhondi
Project Partner(s): Priti Patkar
Other Contacts: Dilip Menon
Project Address: , 7th Lane Kamathipura Mun School,Sukhlaji Street, Kamathipura,Mumbai,
Tel: 25700128, 23053166, 25948296
Stewarding Chapter: UIUC
Aug 2011UIUCUSD 5000
Jul 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 15693
Apr 2011Silicon ValleyUSD 26156
Apr 2011UIUCUSD 5000
Mar 2010UIUCUSD 14834
Dec 2009UIUCUSD 14834
Apr 2009UIUCUSD 4000
Nov 2008UIUCUSD 4000
Sep 2008Silicon ValleyUSD 7400
Apr 2008UIUCUSD 8000
Jul 2007Silicon ValleyUSD 15760

Total = $120677

Asha-UC and Asha-SV are supporting Prerana's Vashi Turbe and Falkland road centers in Mumbai. Specifically, Asha funds the running costs of these centers, including nutritional expenses, administrative expenses (salaries for the project manager, project coordinator, supervisor, teachers, office services, stationary etc.), purchase of teaching aids and study tables, and some Prerana events like monthly mothers' meetings, etc.
One of the main goals is to eliminate second generation trafficking of the children, and make sure they are given access to rightful education, counseling and general awareness. A more comprehensive understanding of Prerana's objectives can be obtained either from Prerana's website, or from project proposal links on the right, for example this one.
Prerana, a non-profit civil society organization, started working in the Kamathipura red light areas of Mumbai in 1986. It was formally registered as Prerana in 1990. Currently, it is working in the red light areas of Kamathipura, Falkland Road and Vashi Turbhe red light areas with extension and outreach activities in the Bhiwandi red light are of Thane district.

Prerana works with essentially a rights based approach. Besides protecting the children of the prostituted women of the red light areas from some of the dangers of sexual assaults and contracting HIV infection it offers them growth and developmental opportunities as a matter of right. It also works for the rights and dignity of the women of the red light areas and runs comprehensive care and support services on 24X7 basis. Prerana is one of the first few organization taking care of HIV positive persons mainly the prostituted mothers and their mothers at a time when the professional medical doctors in government hospitals were reluctant to examine them.

More details here and here.

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[NEW! July '09] New photos from Prerana (Credits: Andrew Aitchison, UK)

[NEW! May '09] Prerana is featured in "State" (Monthly magazine of the US Department of State.)

[NEW! Sept '09] Prerana is the recipient of the 2009 STARS Impact Award in the Child Protection category. Each Award provides US$100,000 of unrestricted funding as well as consultancy support tailored to meet the needs of the recipients.

Previous stewards' contact info.:
Nayana Shah (Asha UIUC) - nayanaphysics (at)
Kaushik Raghunathan (Asha UIUC) - kaushikr (at)