Kamalakar Memorial Charitable Trust - Vikas Bharati School

Project Brief: Vikas Bharati School run by Kamalakar Trust is a charitable school that imparts free education for poor children.
Project Type: Formal Schools (description)
Primary Focus: to go to formal school (description)

Secondary Focus: other

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston/MIT
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Priya Mocherla
Project Partner(s): Bharathi Devi Malempati
Other Contacts: Rajeev Annaluru
Project Address: , House No. 3-10-6, Kamalakara Nilayam,Gokhale Nagar,Ramanthapur,
Tel: 040-27038233
Stewarding Chapter: Boston/MIT
Jun 2018Boston/MITUSD 5987
Feb 2017Boston/MITUSD 5935
Oct 2015Boston/MITUSD 6124
Jun 2015Boston/MITUSD 3238
Nov 2014Boston/MITUSD 2548
Feb 2014Boston/MITUSD 2624
Nov 2013Boston/MITUSD 2600
May 2013Boston/MITUSD 1977
Nov 2012Boston/MITUSD 2000
May 2012Boston/MITUSD 2000
Nov 2011Boston/MITUSD 2000
Apr 2011Boston/MITUSD 1500
Feb 2011Boston/MITUSD 2500
Jan 2010Boston/MITUSD 2310
Nov 2008Boston/MITUSD 3950
Jun 2008Boston/MITUSD 1900
Oct 2007Boston/MITUSD 2000

Total = $51193

Vikas Bharati School is a charitable school established by Kamalakar Memorial Trust with an intention to provide formal educational facilities for children in slums and children of poor migrant labour. The school is located in the village of Nagole in the suburb of Hyderabad. A substantial population in the surrounding areas of Nagole is migrant labour. With the government schools teaching in Telugu medium, the children of migrant labour who donot speak telugu are loosing an oppurtunity for formal education. Vikas Bharati school aims to address the problem by imparting education in english medium. Besides migrant population, the school also caters to the children in slums.

The proposal is for funding the recurring cost of the annual school operation. The school has classes from kindergarten through 9th standard and a student strength of 200.
To provide educational facilities for children in slums and for children of poor migrant labour.
Kamalakar Memorial Trust is a charitable organization that runs a variety of social service causes in the vicinity of Hyderabad. The organization was established under the auspices of Mrs.Bharati Devi, a prominent social activist. Kamalakar Trust runs numerous programs for poor and under-priveliged people like free medical camps, free vocational training centers like type writing institutes, computer training centers etc. The group proactively works on issues like child labour, bonded labour and voilation of womens/child rights. Kamalakar Trust regularly conducts medical camps for the poor and disseminates information on hygiene, sanitation, childcare etc.
Vikas Bharati School is located in Nagole village.