Madurai Seed - Narpanigal

Project Brief: Seed Narpanigal is an organization started by youth in the Karumbalai (a slum) to run a variety of programs, such as education (with a strong emphasis on bringing the potential of each child), youth clubs, library for all of Karumbalai and so on.
Project Type: Tuition Centers (description)
Primary Focus: creating resources (description)

Secondary Focus: to go to formal school

Area: Rural
Supporting Chapter Contact: Boston
Status: current / ongoing
Project Steward: Melli Annamalai
Project Partner(s): A. S. Karthik Bharathi
Other Contacts:
Project Address: , Arjun Shanmuga Illam,439/1 East Street ,Karumbalai,
TAMIL NADU  625020
Tel: 9894805446
Stewarding Chapter: Boston
May 2023BostonUSD 7381
Jun 2022BostonUSD 9168
Jun 2021BostonUSD 7465
Nov 2020BostonUSD 3685
Aug 2020BostonUSD 3043
May 2020BostonUSD 3609
Nov 2019BostonUSD 3801
Jun 2019BostonUSD 3937
Nov 2018BostonUSD 11777
Jul 2018BostonUSD 3998
Nov 2017BostonUSD 10920
Sep 2016BostonUSD 4540
May 2016BostonUSD 3033
Mar 2016BostonUSD 1510
Aug 2015BostonUSD 4671
Feb 2015BostonUSD 4437
Oct 2014BostonUSD 4454
Apr 2014BostonUSD 3542
Sep 2013BostonUSD 3327
Dec 2012BostonUSD 3500
Oct 2012BostonUSD 4020
May 2012BostonUSD 890
Apr 2012BostonUSD 1001
Feb 2012BostonUSD 2017
Dec 2011BostonUSD 8960
Dec 2011BostonUSD 1925
Nov 2011BostonUSD 960
Apr 2011BostonUSD 5404
Jul 2010BostonUSD 4030
Jan 2010BostonUSD 2280
Jun 2009BostonUSD 1929
Jan 2009BostonUSD 3000
Sep 2008BostonUSD 2400
Jul 2008BostonUSD 1200
Nov 2007BostonUSD 915
Nov 2007BostonUSD 520
Jul 2007BostonUSD 900
Mar 2007BostonUSD 990

Total = $145139

(Written by the project partner)

The main objective of Seed Narpanigal is the education and personality development of the underprivileged children and young people. It places emphasis on a holistic approach to achieve the objective in a variety of ways. It does this through supported study groups and training, a library, journals, sports activities, excursions, camps, and a range of creative activities such as dance, music, art classes etc. Not only have their marks improved dramatically, but they are also now demonstrating their other talents. The children and young people are growing in self-confidence. In this way, Seed Narpanigal gives very underprivileged children and young people the opportunity to make progress educationally, personally and socially, and to work towards a vocational goal.

� Seed Narpanigal organizes 4 Holistic Education Centers.
Vandugal Arangam (Kids) is for 6 to 9 year old students (Primary School Level)
Vergal Arangam (Roots) is for 10 to 13 year old students (High School Level)
Kanavugal Arangam (Dreams) is for 14 to 17 year old students (Secondary School Level)
Thedalgal Arangam (discover) for the college going young people.
� Senthamizh Library is for the children and young people, aims to promote good reading habits and literacy
� Children's journal 'Puduyugam' as well as 'Pudiya Velichangal' for the young people enhance their writing skills and creativity.
� Thenkoodu Children Bank gives children an opportunity to save and get money back with interest at the starting of their school year for meeting their pressing education expenses. Saving scheme for the young people also helps them to meet their needs.
� Vanmugil Cultural Club is organized by and for the children and young people where they learn and practice performing arts especially folk arts.

Apart from these, Seed Narpanigal provides education sponsorships to children in need and young people. Also it provides computer facilities and organizes various clubs for science, social science, sports, and medical. It also gives awareness about child rights.

Thus, Seed Narpanigal empower the growth of young minds and broaden their horizon and to help them
(1) Bring out the potential in each child
(2) Create a culture of social service at Karumbalai through young people clubs, resulting finally in a slum where the people themselves solve their problems
(3) creating the reading habit
(4) improve education in the govt. school in the slum
(5) To support the children with the young people who were helped by Seed Narpanigal in their childhood
(6) to develop their mental abilities, self esteem, social responsibilities
Seed Narpanigal is run by the young people of Karumbalai slum itself. That makes it a unique organization in many ways. Karthik Bharathi has nurtured many young people since he was a teenager and they have joined with him in the service for education. Seed Narpanigal strongly believe that we can bring out a change in the society only through providing holistic education to disadvantaged children and young people.

Madurai Seed YouTube channel:

The project can be directly contacted at:
Seed Narpanigal
Arjun Shanmuga Illam
439/1, East Street, Karumbalai
Madurai - 625 020, Tamil Nadu, India
Phone & Fax: 0452- 2537670
Cell: 9894805446, 9442537670

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